How to Do Brazilian Waxing in Easy Way

September 28, 2016   999

Wearing a thong, string bikini, or other skimpy swim suit leaves you in fear? Probably the reason is you have a lot of pubic hair. Now you will plan for Brazilian wax. But what about those pimples which appear on your skin after waxing? Here is a little help.


Undoubtedly, Brazilian wax is the next level up from the bikini wax. While the former is known to remove all the pubic hair, the simple bikini wax leaves some hair. And this is the reason Brazilian wax is getting more popular than ever today. It is said to originate in Brazil almost three decade back, and since then women wanting to wear the new thong bikinis have loved it.  Not only it helps you attain a unique fashion statement, it also gives you a women freedom to walk with confidence.

So, you have decided to go for it. Great! Have you heard of pimples which might occur after a Brazilian waxing session? Yes, those pimples, which are bad enough on your face, can occur “down there”.  Definitely, it is no fun.

These are caused by several factors. Presence of dead skin cells which then block pores or hair follicles is one of the major reasons. Hence, here are some tips on how to avoid breakouts after waxing;

Cleanliness is must:

Before the session;

It is important to keep the bikini region clean before and after wax. Start with exfoliating your skin prior to your waxing appointment. While this will help waxing go easier, it removes dead skin cells ahead of time. Besides, you are removing excess oils which would add to clogging. If you are using any numbing solution to prevent pain, make sure you use a FDA recommended cream. Go for Dr. Numb. It carries 5% lidocaine and essential vitamins to keep your skin safe. Just apply it and make the process pain-free.

After the Wax;

Once you get waxed, you need to stay clean using an antiseptic. If pain exists after waxing, you can apply a fine layer of Dr. Numb again. It moisturizes your skin and eliminated pain. In case you skin doesn’t get red or sore, you can opt to exfoliate again and keep it up at least two-three times a week.

Use cleansers with AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) such as glycolic acid. Being a natural exfoliate, it is good for daily cleansing.  

Relaxing tips:

No Tight Clothing;

You already know that the skin waxed here is sensitive, especially to friction. So, wearing tight clothing will lead to rubbing it against the skin and irritation, finally cause breakouts.

Try Ice;

If it causes a burning sensation, following the waxing you can apply ice to the skin immediately. The benefit is that it will help close the pores and cause minimal inflammation. Just wet the area first.

Avoid Creams or Moisturizers;

For a few days, it is advised to keep creams and moisturizers away. As these will clog the pores and lead to pimples. If it is too dry, you can use tea-tree oil. It is not a natural antiseptic, but a healer too.

Sauna or hot bath is bad idea;

Actually, hot water will open the already stressed pores, introducing them to dirt and bacteria. Hence, it is recommended to go for icing instead.  

So, now you are ready to try those amazing beach dresses and lingerie, without fear of unwanted hair. Rock your look!

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