Botox – Top 10 Myths Debunked!

October 19, 2016   2245

Botox is popularly known to lessen the appearance of wrinkles. But with this there are famous many stories and rumors about the effect and side-effects of the same! No more you need to be confused. Here is a long list of myths you should learn about this treatment.

Botox Myths and Truth

Can you just imagine that awkward moment when a friend posts a picture in which you look ten years older than your age? Definitely, you don’t want to even realize it. Standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself you always crave for younger and healthier skin, isn’t it?

Well, you need to understand that time machine has still not been invented. Aging in inevitable and you won’t be turning back twenty or thirty again once you cross that age. However, among this depression –causing statement there exist something good too. Thanks to the advanced anti-aging skin care technology which has developed seriously over the passage of time. Yes, it is about Botox, the new way to get younger skin.

Some say it is temporary, while other are found talking a lot about the risks attached to Botox treatment. Though it is not new in the dermal world, yet it is among those which are surrounded by several myths. Let’s explore them in detail;

Myth#1 – Botox is Highly Toxic For Your Face

Another myth stating that Botox harms your facial skin! And it is seriously wrong. Here it is worth noticing that you have to look for a reputable doctor. Their experience and knowledge make them proficient enough to treat your skin with care. They will never ever inject anything harmful into your body. And when injected in right proportions into your body Botox is safe for your skin, just like any other drug.

Myth#2 -Dermal Fillers is synonymous to Botox

Undoubtedly, both of the treatments are meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But that doesn’t make Dermal Fillers and Botox same. Both the treatments are different in terms of function and results. While Dermal Fillers adds volume to the facial tissues, giving you a youthful look, on the other hand Botox eases the muscles which produce wrinkles.

Myth#3 – Botox Injections Are Highly Painful

Saying that Botox injections are not painful will be wrong. But yes, you can make it painless. How? Just apply any safe and effective numbing solution to the skin to be treated. You can use Dr. Numb. It is the best topical anesthetic cream which makes the dermal procedures free of pain.  Similar to Dermal fillers, pain felt in Botox treatment is manageable. Yes, it’s a simple and quick procedure.

Myth#4 – Botox Fetch You Unnatural Look

Are you seriously scared or worried for the after result? Don’t fret over a myth that Botox treatment causes you unnatural appearance. The results of treatment severely depend on the surgeon you choose. Hence, be very particular when choosing the expert. He needs to be fully aware of the fact that how much amount needs to be injected.

Just like any other dermal procedure, Botox is no different to be surrounded by so many myths and confusions. There is another list you need to check on. Wait for the next post to be updated!

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