Botox – Top 10 Myths Debunked (Part-2)!

October 21, 2016   1060

For Botox, not only you need to find a good physician near your area, but also need to learn about the process in detail. Being a common treatment these days, it is still surrounded by a number of doubts and misunderstandings. Here’s an insight on the same.

Botox Treatment

Does Botox treatment cause paralysis of the muscles? Will it change your facial expressions completely? Well, there is no end to the question when it is about Botox. While some treat it to be a fountain of youth, on the other hand others take it as a poison injected into your face. Before you come to any conclusion, don’t forget to check the below listed 7 myths. Read on.

Myth#1 – Botox Makes Your Face Emotionless

The most common rumor is after getting a Botox treatment done, you will not be able to show any expression. Well, this is not true at all. When a treatment is done properly and naturally, by an expert, Botox not only make you look appealing but also let you express emotions very well. So, if you have been delaying your plans to get it done, you can now be fearless and easily express emotion of happiness, sadness and anger. 

Myth#2 – Botox Is an Addiction

It is not due to any side-effect, but due to the greater chances that after getting a Botox treatment, you will start feeling so good with the outcome. You will fall in love with the treatment as it makes you feel amazing. And this forms the reason that you will want to have repeated treatment over and over again. However, it’s next to impossible that it make your body addicted to the Botox treatment.

Myth#3 – Botox is a Slow Poison

This is something you cannot agree to at all! So far a number of people have been benefited from Botox, including enormous celebrities in the list. Being a man made product, it can be highly dangerous for skin when not used in right proportions. Remember, when injected in right dosage it is completely safe to use.

Myth#4 – Botox Can Infect Other Parts of Your Body

Completely false, Botox is designed in such a manner that it doesn’t travel more than a centimeter. Hence, it doesn’t stretch in the area in which it is injected. So, if you get a Botox for the eyes, it is not that it will affect your hands.

Myth#5- Botox Is Everlasting

No, it is not permanent! It will last for maximum five months depending on different factors. In some cases, it can last until eight months too.

Myth#6 Botox Is Highly Expensive

Few years back when it was new in the beauty industry, it might be bit expensive. But with the advancement of technology, it is now in the budget. Botox is now very affordable and you can also afford it.

Last note; Botox injections are no less than a scientific wonder. Moreover, it is used in many medical diseases as a treatment. 

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