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If you think about the most popular cosmetic procedures these days, Botox is a must have in the list. Ever since it was first introduced, it had been more than a decade now, it has been accepted globally. But, yes, there it is the most misunderstood procedure too. Here are answered some of the most frequently asked questions to provide a better understanding.


Looking old is the biggest fear for anyone. Isn’t it? And when you start heading towards the growing age, you know that your skin needs extra care. For this you easily get seduced with the promises of those over the counter available solutions, promising you a turn back of the years. While some of these commit getting back your younger face over night, other promises wrinkle free skin in few applications.

And then there was introduced a cosmetic procedure which proved to be effective and efficient. Botox, a beauty treatment which really works, but it is still held back from taking the plunge just due to the myths surrounding it.

So, it is high time to seek answers to some common questions which appears to one’s mind before you step for a botox treatment. Let’s start;

What is Botox? 

It is the first and foremost question; botox is the brand name of a protein made from Clostridium botulinum. It is a kind of bacteria basically which can cause botulism in large amounts. But when used in small and diluted amounts, as per the scientific community standards, it has found a way to be very useful for cosmetic purposes.

The injections of botox are therefore used to soften moderate and severe facial wrinkles. Without any doubt, it is a revolution in the anti-aging medical skin care treatment plans so far.

How is a Botox Treatment Done?
It is a quiet simple and quick procedure. Here you will hardly need any anesthetic or time off from work. In case you still fear from the pain, you can use Dr. Numb. It is an FDA approved lidocaine based cream which causing numbing sensation. Hence, eliminates pain from the process.

Once you apply it, you can get injected into the target muscle using fine hypodermic needles. If you don’t apply numbing solution, it might be a painful.

How the process actually works?
When the botox is injected, it stops the nerve signals which lead the muscles to contract. It is the contraction of muscles which results in weakening or temporary paralyzation of the muscle. When the muscle stops contracting and relaxes, the skin becomes soft causing wrinkles further. More the muscle becomes weak, deeper are the wrinkles formed.

What is the need of botox Injections? 

You need it for various reasons. Majorly it is due to the use of the same facial muscles to make the same expressions over and over. Actually, it leads to the development of deep wrinkles on skin surface. When botox injections are injected, it works and relaxes these facial muscles which you use most often. Hence, the skin over the wrinkle gets some relaxation, causing the wrinkle to soften significantly.

To sum up, you need to have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Feel like you have some more concerns about this process? Wait for the next post. You will get more answers there.

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