Body Piercing – A Right Choice or Not?

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Body piercing is the one of most loved form of body art. It might have changed forms several times, but it is still a preferred choice of fashion freaks. Have a doubt, whether it will stay in the industry for long or not.

 Body piercing

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Do you think that piercings or the similar type of body modifications are in trend for few years? And later, the trend that will disappear?  Well, you are taking it wrong. It is not mere an opinion, it’s a truth based on the facts from history.

You might be aware that piercings holds a long history. With this, you need to know that it has been trend since ages. People from different civilizations have adorned and cherished it for various reasons. So, classifying it as just a fad or a latest trend will be unfair.


As stated, body piercing is not a new trend. It has been around ancient times, and probably even before that. So, it existed even thousands of years ago. Here it is important to mention that just like any type of body modification; even this hasn’t been equally popular in all historical periods. Though it is a very old practice, yet with the passage of time something new has always been demanded by fashion world.

Now the question arises;

Why this form of modification has started appearing new in this era?

Actually, the reason piercings appear new is that they are getting more socially acceptable. The modern society today seeks for different ideas to express their thoughts, and such forms of body art let them do so freely.

Besides, there are several other reasons why piercings are now turning popular;

New Forms: Gone are the days when ear or nose piercings were the only one to be known piercings. Now you will easily get a long list including, facial piercings, genital piercings, lip piercings, oral piercings, surface piercings, and so on.

Easy To Get: You don’t need to invest much. Just find a good piercing parlor and a professional piercer, and you are done. Make sure you pick one who is experienced and certified; else you might end up damaging your skin.

Moving Painless: It might be painful in early days, but not now. Availability of numbing solutions like Dr. Numb has simplified things for you. Actually, these solutions carry lidocaine which is said to block the pain signals. So, no more pain, only healthy piercings.

Celebrities Love: This is another popular reason behind its popularity. From Christina Aguilera, Britney, Rihanna, Lilo, Drew, Alyssa Milano to so many others, pop stars also carry some or the other type of piercings.

Now, you can take a sigh of relief and go for your favorite piercing, as it is going to stay popular forever.

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