Body Hair Removal for Men- Yes it’s Possible!

October 18, 2016   491

For those who think that men don’t share the same need as you have, especially in case of unwanted hair, you are wrong. Yes, most of them are always in search of a right method for body hair removal. So, here is all men can prefer to get hairless skin. Read on.

Hair Removal for men

Going for a beach part? Oops… did you check those unruly follicles on your chest? Definitely, they don’t add anything to your appearance. In fact, women are least interested in them. So, gentlemen you indeed wish to get them removed and curb the growth from different body areas, Right?

Well, the good news is that there exist some methods which can help you.  Yes, even you can have flawless and hair-free skin. The only bad news is that most of them are not so pleasant. Reason being the wonderful world of body hair removal includes the pain and agony. But that’s not an issue at all! Dr. Numb comes to rescue here. Having 5% lidocaine, this FDA certified numbing cream can be used for multiple dermal procedures. Just apply it to the area to be treated and then you can carry on with any of the methods. Now the biggest question is;

Is hair removal temporary or permanent?

To every man, this would be the first question to hit your mind when you think of hair removal, isn’t it? Good news! Both permanent and temporary methods are there for you. It completely depends of your need and choice. There is an abundance of hair removal techniques, find some of them here:

Temporary Hair Removal Techniques

Creams: When it comes to temporary hair removal methods, the most drugstores offer a number of hair removal creams. These are simply a chemical form of shaving. Actually, these depilatories work by dissolving the hair down to the skin’s surface. You might end up with the same effect as you felt after being shaved. Without a doubt, these products are extremely temporary and your hair will grow back in short period of time.

Waxing: Second option you can consider is waxing. Salon cosmetologists and estheticians can help you in this case. It is the easiest way to fulfill your desire to remove excess hair from your back, chest, or shoulders. It is similar to as that of a woman, i.e. by applying a warm wax or sugar gel to the skin. Then a strip of cloth or paper is applied and quickly yanked off, leading to removal of hair from the root.

Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

Laser hair removal: One of the most popular methods, being loved by men and women all across the world. It simply works by heating the hair follicle using a laser and then putting it into a ‘dormant’ stage of growth. As far as the results are concerned, after three treatments you’ll notice around 30 to 70% reduction in hair growth.

Electrolysis: This one is the oldest methods of hair removal, and yes it is permanent. Remember, only a skilled practitioner can get the job done right.

So, all men out there, you don’t need to worry. Just choose the one which suits your budget and needs, and go hairless.

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