Which is the Best Tattoo Numbing Cream?

November 09, 2016   2603

Dr Numb in the anesthetic industry has become a globally recognized brand and is the most recommended topical anesthetic cream by healthcare professionals and aestheticians. It is 100 percent effective, top-grade pharmaceutical product manufactured in Canada, which can be safely used on both children and adults.

Numbing Cream

Dr Numb is a product that lives up to the standards of Health Canada to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety to all its users. It has evolved into a leading brand in various institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, medical supply stores, laser treatment centers, salons, spas, tattoo parlors, and has even made way into many households as an effective first aid for body pains, wounds and burns.

Dr Numb is conveniently available over-the-counter for conditions like discomfort associated with dermal procedures and skin conditions, easing pain and itching.

Tattoo statistics revels that tattoos are experiencing a revival in popularity by 13% since 2007. People with 2 or more tattoos has multiplied since 2007, the majority of men under 35 years of age are more prone to have tattoos than ladies under 35 years of age. 71% of senior men are more interested to get inked than senior ladies. Most preferred areas for tattooing are – lower back, foot, lower leg, armband and wrist.

Numbing creams or sprays are available in two forms and can be applied by two different methods. Some numbing creams or sprays are applied after the needles pierce your skin to penetrate the epidermis and others are applied on the area to be tattooed before tattoo artist begins the actual tattooing of the skin.

Dr Numb is applied before, when the skin is intact and the actual tattooing process begins. Dr numb is a water based numbing cream that is better than the glycerin based creams which make the skin slippery during a tattoo session.

Dr Numb is so effective because of its ingredient Lidocaine, a powerful topical anesthetic that blocks your nerve endings, making it impossible for them to pass pain signals to your brain.

To use Dr Numb numbing cream you need to wash the area with soap and water that has to be tattooed and let the area dry. You can then rub the cream on the area. After you have applied the cream, cover it with cling wrap or cheese cloth for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. Do not leave the numbing cream for longer than an hour.

This is what users have to say about Dr Numb numbing cream after they used it:-

  • Jperry – “I’ve used Dr Numb as a student in my esthetician school and I love it. Now that I’ve opened my own little spa it’s the only numbing cream I want to use for my microneedling clients.”
  • Ash – “I love this stuff! Just used it for the first time while getting a tattoo and I will use it forever.”

Mike – “I want to share my experience with using Dr Numb, I tried nearly every other product when I got my tattoo work done and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing worked like Dr Numbs cream, it honestly is the best on the market and I want to thank Dr Numb for having a solution to the pain…Thanks Dr Numb

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