7 Remarkable Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo

May 26, 2017   289

For the health cognizant and organic/natural product lovers amongst you, we’ve assembled an infographic representing you all of the reasons why coconut oil could end up being your ideal tattoo aftercare ointment.7 Remarkable Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your New Tattoo

Throughout the years, many individuals have written about the near-endless uses for coconut oil; from using it as a coffee creamer to combing it through hair to enhance scalp health. But, one frequently missed use for this flexible oil is fusing it into your tattoo aftercare routine as a soothing ointment with incredible healing properties.

Take a look on below given benefits showing why 100% organic, natural and vegan-friendly coconut oil could be the best tattoo healing product for you and your new ink. Keep reading…

Advantages of Using Coconut Oil On New Tattoos:

1) Completely Natural

Coconut oil is fully natural, means that it is 100% natural and vegan-friendly. This also means that there is less risk of causing irritation on a sensitive area of skin, for example, a new tattoo.

2) Heals and Repairs

Proteins found within coconuts help to repair the skin cells that get harmed during the inking procedure – increasing the healing quality, and furthermore the speed in which your inked skin will really recover.

3) Moisturizes

The medium-chain unsaturated fats found within the tissue of coconuts helps your skin to hold moisture – this thusly keeps your inked skin from drying out and cracking (conceivably bringing on flaws and patchy areas within the ink).

4) Versatile

Coconut oil has myriad different uses, for example, cosmetics remover, skin Exfoliator, general body moisturizer cream, hair conditioner, lip gloss, and so on.

5) Accessible

Coconut oil is unreservedly accessible from most of the markets and health stores around the world, implying that you’ll never need to stress over running out.

6) Cruelty Free

Common coconut oil will never contain any components or hints of animal products, and will never be related to animal testing.

7) Protects

Acrylic acid and Laurie fatty acids contained within coconuts act as antiseptics, securing your new tattoo against germs and bacteria and other nasty infections as well.

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