Basics of tattoo

March 23, 2016   1290

So, you’ve decided to become a tattoo artist?  Wait!!! Are you sure? Do you really think you know everything about tattoo and tattooing? Think again.

Basics of Tattoo

Here’s a guide to help you learn a few very important basics about tattooing. Have a look.

Proper Knowledge

Having proper knowledge about any new thing you’re putting your hands into is the first step. This includes the basics of tattooing,such as proper safety and learning about tattoo machines, inks, needles, and more. The more you know, the better you’ll become. In addition, having thorough information about the art will make become a tattoo artist that much easier.

Tattooing Videos

Once you have learnt the art theoretically by reading through many of the great guides on the subject and become familiar with it, the next step is to learn the art visually. Watch the methods of proper tattooing on YouTube and other video portals. However, follow the videos from famous tattoo artist and don’t rely on ordinary videos. There are just too many videos there that give away bad information on the subject. So, be careful.

Tattoo Equipment/Suppliers

When it comes to tattooing, equipments are important. And you should be highly selective. A tattoo machine is the device used to draw tattoo on skin. While this device is easy to use and requires a steady hand, you will need to practice using the gun on fruit or any fleshy material before using the tattoo machine on skin.

There are all kinds of suppliers in each and every corner of the world. Most if the time, you will get what you pay for. Look for the “cream of the top” as far as tattoo equipments are concerned.

Tattoo Flash Resources

There are tons of resources for tattoo flash. While some are better than others, some are more expensive. Look for tattoo flash resources for beginners. You can use these for practice, or real tattooing. The choice is yours.

Tattoo Inks

Are you looking for that special magical ink having special qualities of vibrant color that lasts long? There are many inks on the market. Google out the myriads of options, reach to real artist and learn about the inks and the types before you put your hands into tattooing.

Tattoo Safety

This part is the most crucial part because no matter how well you’re as an artist, if your customers don’t feel safe with you, it’s of no use.

As a tattoo artist, you’ll be working with blood and hence safety for you and your customer should be your top priority. While you are taking your training, make sure all of your vaccinations are up to date. Also, wear gloves, sterilized needles and cleaned devices each time your work. Even clean the surrounding around you to avoid the chances of infections.


Dedication is the key to becoming a tattoo artist and practice makes a man perfect. Time, money and practice will pay off if you stay dedicated to the craft. All the best!

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