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September 07, 2018   1993

Are tattoos like chocolates that you can’t stop after the first one? As per the statistics, 45 million people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo and everyone one has got different reasons to get a tattoo on their skin. With myriad tattoo designs to choose from, many people get a tattoo because of the pain that accompanies the inking process.

Andrew, who is amongst the 45 million people in the US having at least one tattoo, is also the part of a league of 32% of Americans who claim they are addicted to getting inked. ‘He got his first tattoo at an age of 18 and since then by the age of 25 he is now having a total number of 59 tattoos, just because of his addiction to tattoo ink.’

The article introduces to few such personalities who went to another level to showcase their love for tattoos.

Rick Genest

Rick is a Canadian artist and a fashion model. He is very much more popular by the name of The Zombie Boy because of the corpse tattoos covering all the major parts of his body. The pattern of the tattoo on his body resembles a human skeleton.

He became a buzz in the internet world when in 2010 he uploaded his photos to it. In 2011, he featured in the “Born This Way” music video of Lady Gaga.

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Lucky Diamond Rich

This New Zealand street performer is the most tattooed man on the earth, who has spent over 1,000 hours having his body modified by hundreds of tattoo artists.
On 14th March 2006, he was announced as the “100 percent tattooed man” by the Guinness World Records Book. Tattooing is like an addiction for him and his body is fully covered with tattoos, including the inside areas of his foreskin, his mouth, and ears.
Thinking what to do next, he is now being tattooed with white designs on top of the black, and colored designs on top of the white.

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Tom Leppard
Next time you see a group of leopards in a jungle, don’t be amazed if you see a human in form of leopard in that group. He is no other than Tom Leppard. Once a Guinness Book Record holder with the most number of tattoos, this78-year-old man-leopard is wearing leopard patterns on all his body except for his fingers and the areas inside his ears.
The gap between the leopard spots is filled with golden tattoo paint. Moreover, he is wearing feline teeth. Since 2008, he has been living in a small cabin on the Isle of Skype, Scotland.

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Isobel Varley
Isobel Varley, a Guinness World Records-recognized tattooed senior was from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She got her first tattoo in her late 40s and later there was no stop to tattoos on her skin. She got so many tattoos on her body that in 2000 she was named “the world’s most-tattooed senior woman”. It is said that Varley had at least 76% of her body covered in tattoos. She died in 2015 and with her died her tattoos.

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Paul Lawrence
Paul Lawrence, a tattooed maniac is best known as The Enigma. As his name is so is the personality. He is a mysterious person with mysterious tattoos on his body. He is a performer, actor, and musician, who have covered all his body with a jigsaw-puzzle tattoo. Moreover, he has implanted horns on his head and undergone various body piercings. Also, he has reshaped his ears. His mother hardly recognizes him after so many weird body modifications.

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