All You Need to Know About Tattoo Placement

April 29, 2016   784

No matter if it’s a virgin tattoo or another addition to your collection of body ink, what matters the most is its correct placement. You must be careful before getting permanent ink – as it’s going be on a specific spot all your life. So, choosing a perfect location or placement for your tattoo matters a lot. There are number of considerations to weigh, such as size, visibility, and many more before you decide to go for it.

All you need to know about tattoo placement

Accurate tattoo placement is important because it will ensure your tattoo looks the best. For instance, huge tattoos look best on arms legs or thighs- as they can widely cover up the full space of your skin. On the other hand, smaller tattoos are perfect for wrists, near your ears, etc. If you make a small tattoo on you thigh – it’ll mostly go unnoticed and won’t even look too appealing.

Here is a quick guide that will help you to decide the perfect spot for your new tattoo design.

Perfect size of tattoo

As they say, ‘size matters,’ it also goes for your tattoos. Depending on the pattern and detailing of your tattoo design, size of a tattoo is decided. Finely detailed elaborate tattoos look good when they are large. This is because every fine detail of such tattoos are important. If you decrease the size of detailed tattoo designs, then it will just look a messy piece of body art. On the other hand, the size of quote tattoos can also be increased or decreased as per the length of the quote. Once liners can be of middle or large font size, whereas if the quote is quite lengthy – then you must go for smaller font size. However, these rules are not any necessary rules. These can be changed as per your personal preferences or tastes.


Another thing that’s important when we talk about tattoo placement is visibility. If you want your tattoo to be hidden then areas like lower back, upper thighs, back of your neck and pelvic areas are the best for tattoos. If you want your tattoo to be visible, then you can choose areas like arms, wrists, hands, neck, ankles, etc. We’re focusing on visibility because in some work places tattoos are not acceptable, so you have to be careful about the body areas where you’re getting your tattoo done. But if your workspace is as cool as your tattoos, then obviously you can get a visible one and flaunt it proudly.

Right side up or upside down?

This is another matter of concern when you have to decide that your tattoo should be facing the world or only you. People usually go for upside down tattoos so that people looking at it could make sense what’s written or drawn on your skin. However, it’s not important for all. If you think the tattoo is only for you, then you can go for right side up. But this way others will just see a tattoo that’s drawn in wrong direction. So, choose wisely what you want.

These are some of the important considerations that you must follow before getting a tattoo. These parameters will certainly help you to get the best out of your tattoo design, and simply how to dawn it in style.

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