Alex Pettyfer Gets Gigantic Back Tattoo Of His Publications First Book Cover

January 14, 2016   1214

Magic Mike actor Alex Pettyfer isn’t an alien name for many; the actor has launched a publishing company, called Upturn Publishing, recently and has released the first book from his company. Now, while various people will have different kind of ways to promote their publication and books, Pettyfer chose to release a special video of himself being tattooed with the cover of the ‘released’ book titled “Blood, Ink, & Fire.”


The 25-year-old’s personal involvement in promotion of the first book of his publication created some kind of a stir in the social media world. People went crazy about the video that showed the actor shirtless while getting inked with the book’s logo on his back.
The video clipping was shot in black and white and it saw Alex sitting topless with his back to the camera, talking to the audience while the tattoo artist continued creating magic on Alex’s back.
The video skips ahead a few times and shows tattoo artist working on his creating while Alex making faces in excruciating pain. The clip also shows scenes where the tattoo artist is asking Alex whether he understands the commitment, and Alex replying to it in the affirmative and suggesting the artist to proceed.

The Book

Blood, Ink & Fire, the book written by Ashle Mansour, was released by Upturn Publishing on December 1, 2015. The evocative novel that asks ‘who we would be without books’ is definitely going to win readers’ heart.

The Video

Throughout the video, it has been purposely ensure that the tattoo is not visible to anyone. The artist has been blocking his work all through the video to only reveal the finished work.
On completion of the tattoo, the video shows the artist stepping back and revealing what is a massive tattoo covering most part of Alex’s back.
The tattoo is – as informed – to depict the cover of Ashle Mansour’s book. The tattoo comprises an image of the lower half of a woman’s face inked on almost the entire back of Alex Pettyfer.
The entire inking procedure may have been really demanding and painful for Alex. This we can say from the video which shows the artist working endlessly on the same area and despite having been tattooed before, Alex’s face very clearly depicts the pain he has been during the entire procedure.

Previous Tattoos

Alex is no stranger to tattoos, this book cover may clearly be the largest one he has ever had but it’s definitely not the only one he has had. Alex already had a cross inked on his chest and also has script on his right arm and in the groin area.
The promotion stunt
Without a doubt, the inking of the book cover and recording it as a promotional video is nothing more than an innovative marketing strategy, which has worked for the popularity of the book.


Despite all the involvement Alex has shown for the promotion of the first book from his publication, this is only the actor’s latest venture. Publishing is not the only thing he does. The star already acts, models, produces and directs through his production company – Upturn


Though the Magic Mike heartthrob did not participate in the series sequel, he has been keeping pretty busy with work in Hollywood. His recent appearances include The Butler by Lee Daniel and Elvis & Nixon an upcoming comedy-drama film directed by Liza Johnson.

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