Aftercare Process For Naval Piercing Gets Simpler Now…

August 15, 2016   628

Once you get your navel pierced, it is important for you to understand that you need to keep the piercing, as well as the area around, clean and sanitized. It will include everything ranging from cleaning your jewelry to the pierced skin. Find out what all you need to know about this specific type of piercing.

Navel Piercing

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Without a doubt, body piercings are a great way to express. But these come with greater responsibility. The reason is quite simple, if you don’t care for your piercing, it won’t be aesthetically appealing. Moreover, when the area become infected or ripped, the problem amplifies. So, no matter what part of your body you are planning to get pierced, it’s essential to keep it clean and care for it to avoid complications in future.

And before you start digging about the aftercare tips, first learn about the different types of navel piercings. Basically, the belly button can be pierced through different angles and sides. However, in general the more common types are:

  • Lower Rim: When the piercing is done at the bottom of the navel ring, it is termed as lower rim.
  • Upper Rim: It is the standard and commonly found belly button piercing, which is basically done at the top of the navel ring.
  • Sides: Besides the lower and upper, it can be done anywhere in between the horizontal left or right sides.

Now let’s check out aftercare practices for a new piercing

Remember, if you stick to proper aftercare and cleaning, you can enjoy a problem free and sunning piercing in the long run. So, here is the proper aftercare for navel piercing:

Saline solution: Once you get a piercing job done, you need a pack of miniature Dixie cups and saline solution. Here you cannot work with those ‘contact cleaner’. You need a saline solution, which you can buy from any pharmacy in your surroundings. If it is not available, you can prepare a dilute solution of sea salt. All you need to do is dissolve 1 teaspoon sea salt in 5 ounces of water.

Cleaning is must: To keep it in good state, the navel piercing has to be cleaned at least two to three times a day. For this you should wash your hands. Then you will need an unused Dixie cup daily. It will be required to fully submerge the piercing.

How to do?

Simply, lay down on a flat surface, having a cup turned upside down on your belly. You need to do in order to fully submerge the navel. Meanwhile, allow the saline to work its way through the piercing.

Later, you can dip a Q-Tip into the saline solution. This will gently let you go around both holes of the piercing, removing the excess of crust or dried blood or fluids.

Don’t touch it: Now you don’t have any specific reasons to touch the new piercing. So, make sure you prevent touching it frequently.

Continue with the above states process for at least a month, or unless you are sure that things are fine. Be very careful, and if you feel things are getting complex, don’t hesitate consulting your piercing expert or a physician.

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