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Tattoos and Your Career

7 Least Painful Areas to Get a Tattoo

Tattooing hurts, you! However, there are several spots in our body where tattoos pain goes dramatically lower. Img Source: Pinterest For getting those fascinating tattoo ...

July 15, 2016 6787

What You Must Know Before Getting Chest Tattoos?

Chest tattoos are cool and can be the good excuse to put off your shirt! But without being fascinated by trends and superstars, consider the steps given here to keep chest tattoo r...

November 23, 2016 5330

Improper Use of Skin Numbing Products Can Be Deadly

These days, “no more pain” creams are on rise. Technically, these creams are referred to as the topical anesthetics or Numbing Agents and are used to numb our body making it se...

February 12, 2016 5166

Lidocaine (Numbing) Cream Interfere With Blood Draw Results Or IV?

Your medical practitioner ordered blood draw and you’ve just purchased a lidocaine cream to prepare yourself to get it done. Many people believe that using lidocaine creams befor...

September 19, 2014 5098