9 Signs of Infected Tattoo You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Since your new tattoo is an open wound, it is prone to infection as it is very easy for foreign bodies like bacteria or germs to enter through cracks. Consequently, your new tattoo is developed with scars, swelling and pus. However, in most cases, it is common to have scars or swelling on the new tattoo. This is why we have come up with the signs telling that your tattoo is infected and you need treatment for that.

Infected Tattoo

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Generally, a swelling occurs after having tattoo. But if your swelling is increasing over 3-5 days, it is the signs of infection.


Your infected tattoo might feel hot to the touch. However, it is common to feel warm after having a tattoo at that spot. But if your tattoo’s heat is increasing, rather than decreasing, it is the definite sign of infection.

Pus Discharge:

Infected tattoos are characterized by a pus discharging. The pus looks as a clear fluid with a golden color, or thick yellow-green sticky stuff that sits within the tattoo.


A tattoo with pus often smells unpleasant. You must take it seriously and approach doctor if it’s beyond your control.


Pain is the sure sign if your tattoo has swelling and pus. A pain must go away within 3-5 days, if it isn’t, it means that there is something wrong. In other words, nothing could be worse than catching an infection.


If tattoo is infected, chances are you have blisters on top of the tattoo. These bumps are filled with body fluids and are red.  Even a bubbly or bright red tattoo is a symptom of infection.

Enlarged Scabs:

Scabbing is the normal process occurring on the new tattoos.  But the thickness with yellow and green crust on them is the sign that they are not normal process anymore.


You will experience fever or feel low on energy if your tattoo is infected. This is because your body is working heavily to battle infection causing by your tattoo. Fever is the sure symptom of infection.


If your tattoo or the skin around it is extremely red, chances are your tattoo has caught an infection. Consult your doctor if thin red lines appearing on your tattoo.

So these are the symptoms of infected tattoo you must not ignore. Consult your doctor immediately to get the treatment at the right time.

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