9 Questions Answered For Facial Hair Wax!

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Now you don’t need to bear facial anymore. You can get them waxed easily. And for all those questions coming to your mind, start reading here.

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Facial hair makes you feel low and embarrassed?

Certainly, women are never in love with their facial hair. For the extra hair on legs, underarm, arms, and pubic region, you might have been using a number of methods like waxing, shaving, laser, etc.

But when it comes to facial hair, you have to be extra careful. Facial hair waxing is an option for women to get a clean, clear, and hairless face. It has become an immensely popular way to handle unwanted hair. However, before you indulge in this, it is better to seek answers to all your questions regarding the same.

Find out them below:

Will waxing be painful?

It will be wrong saying that it is painless. When hair is removed from the roots, it will cause some pain. But that’s not a big problem. You can easily skip off the pain. How?

It is simple; use Dr. Numb. Being one of the most reputed numbing creams available, it comes with 5% lidocaine. Moreover, it is FDA approved. Hence, it is safe to use and works effectively on pain. Basically, it blocks the pain signal at the nerve ending. This means you will not feel any pain.

Will hair grow back thicker after a facial wax?

No, this is not the case. The hair generally grows back the same or even lighter. Moreover, you will enjoy those long-term waxing results, as the re-growth will be really less. So, you don’t need to worry unnecessarily.

Will my skin turn red afterward?

This can be, but it is temporary in most of the cases. Actually, when you tear out hair and pull at your skin with wax, there can be some irritation. So, there are people who experience red skin for a few minutes. And there are some who will have skin red for somewhere around 12 hours. It depends on skin’s sensitivity and types of wax used. If redness persists for longer, you must rush to your physician.

How to make the irritation go away?

If there is irritation or itching after you get waxed, don’t scratch at all. You can wait for it to go away naturally. However, if it becomes unbearable, you can go for application of Dr. Numb. This will make your skin numb for three to four hours. Hence, you can easily get rid of itching.

How long will it take for the hair to grow back?

Have you ever tried hands-on shaving? This work for just a few days; stubble will probably start cropping up within a day or two. The good thing about waxing is that re-growth isn’t so much of a problem with waxing. It offers semi-permanent and long-lasting results.

Will skincare routine affect how the wax works?

In case, you are using topical treatments which contain more of chemicals and toxin elements, this can make your skin much more sensitive. It will be prone to tears and be peeling, ultimately causing pain. And it is not necessary that only topical creams can be problematic. There are some oral medications which can put you at risk too.

What is double dipping?

Basically, double dipping is a method in which the practitioner dips the stick into the wax, applies the wax to the skin, and then repeats the same for the next application. And it is a big no-no for your facial skin. Reason being, there are chances the bacteria and pathogens from one person’s skin can get introduced back into the pot, passing onto yours.

Are there any side effects?

As such there are no side effects. However, if you are suffering from some serious medical conditions, it can play a major part in rendering negative effect. For instance, if you have an autoimmune disease such as lupus, there are chances that your skin will become way more sensitive to getting burned or irritated. Hence, it is advised that if you’re not sure whether your skin could be at risk; don’t plan to do a wax at home. Consult an aesthetician’s expertise and a dermatologist first.

What is the difference between waxing and sugaring?

Don’t confuse between the two. While in case of waxing, you use a warm resin base which is applied to an area and later removed using a strip. On the other hand, sugaring includes usage of a warm sugar and lemon mix which when applied to the skin is rolled across to remove the hair. Just like the process, the results will also vary.

Is it safe to wax at home?

If it is your first time, please don’t take the risk to do it yourself. And if you have already undergone the process earlier, you can try it but will all precautions. You must follow all the directions properly, including a patch test to check for an allergy to applying wax at optimum temperature.

Hopefully, you got answers to your queries. Do write to us about your experiences with facial waxing.

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