8 Mind Blowing Tattoo Facts You Must Know

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So how much do you know about tattoos? Here we have come up with the interesting facts about tattoos that every tattoo fan must know.

Mind Blowing Tattoo Facts

Tattoos Popularity from 30’s till Now:

Tattoos have been popular in even 1930’s! According to Life magazine 1936 edition, nearly 10 million Americans, accounting for 6% population then, had at least one tattoo.

On the other hand, another survey conducted by Harris Polls in 2003 said that 16% percent Americans were tattooed which was increased to 21% in 2012. And Americans spend a whopping $1.65 billion on tattoos each year!

Tattoo is the Hot Business:

There are more than 20,000 tattoo studios being operated throughout the USA, as U.S. News & World Report says. The same report further says that tattooing were the popular retail venture in 90s right after Internet, bagels, computer and mobile phones.

 Most Searched Term over Internet in Early 2000s!

Even search engines like Lycos and Ask.com has been the witness of the tattooing popularity. According to veteran search engine Lycos, “Tattoos” was the third most searched keyword in 2002 after being ranked on fourth and eleventh spot in 2001 and 1999 respectively. However, Ask.com said that tattoo is the most searched term in 2003 based on its search results.

 USA Has More Tattooed Women than Men

According to ivillage.com, women have outnumbered men in terms of having tattoos. There are 59 percent of women have tattoos compared to 41% of men in the USA.

LDR Becomes Synonym for Tattoo’s Obsession

Lucky Diamond Rich is the world’s most tattooed person whose body is 99.9% percent covered with tattoos. Even his eyelids, ears, mouth and foreskin is tattooed. This is why he owns the Guinness World Record 2006 for being the most tattooed man in the world.

Even 5000 Years Old Mummy Has Tattoos:

Even tattoos have been found on the oldest bod body in the world which is of an Iceman dating back to 3300-3200 B.C. Also known as Ötzi, the mummy has 61 tattoos containing lines, crosses, and markings. Later, an examination done on the tattooed part revealed that tattooing was done to relive pain then.

Oldest Tattoos Tools are 12,000 years Old!

Archeologists have found various tools and equipment in France, Portugal, and Scandinavia that were probably used for tattooing. And those tools may date back to 12,000 years old, or may belong to the last Ice Age.

Weird Tattoo Removal Methods Existed in Ancient World

Consider yourself lucky as you have a laser tattoo removal method to remove tattoos nowadays. In ancient times, a mixture of strong vinegar and pigeon feces was used to remove the tattoos.

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