7 Ways You Are Ruining Your Tattoos

March 05, 2017   954

It is essential to follow the aftercare regimen after getting  tattoos to avoid complications or troubles. Here we have listed the things you must not do if you want to have a safe and long lasting tattoo.7 Ways You Are Ruining Your Tattoos

Taking care of your tattoo is as essential as choosing the right tattoo artist. This is because tattoo is a kind of open wound that is prone to infection and several complications. Therefore, it requires a good aftercare regimen so that it can heal without any unwanted sign. A poor upkeep of your tattoo leads to deforming and skin infection. Here we have listed the habits that ruin your tattoos:

Not Listening to Your Tattoo Artist:

Generally, each tattoo artist has its own set of instructions, which you must follow carefully. An experienced tattoo artist is supposed to have had years of experience in caring for new tattoos. You must follow your tattoo artist instructions seriously as it is for a good healing rate and tattoo’s vibrancy.

Not Cleaning the Tattoo:

Many people don’t clean their fresh tattoos as they believe that it can fade them. But that’s not true. Cleaning your tattoos reduces the risk of infection and bacteria. You can use antibacterial soap to clean your tattoos. Avoid scrubbing and do it with a splash of water and soap instead. Pat it dry with clean towel or a soft, non-abrasive paper towel.

Not Keeping it Moisturized:

Dryness leads to scabs which can ruin your tattoo design. That’s why you should apply moisturizer or lubricant daily to keep it moist. Apply the moisturizer sparingly on the tattoo as dabbing can cut off air supply to the tattoo.

Picking Your Scabs:

Don’t pick the scabs that often occur as a thin layer of skin developing over your tattoo spot. It can damage your skin and make it vulnerable to infections. Remember, a thin layer is an absolute normal process.

Not protecting it From Sun:

You may be exciting to flaunt your tattoo on the sunny beaches as soon as you get it. But you should resist that excitement for some days. This is because excessive sun exposure can fade your tattoo ink. So, apply SPF30 every time you go out in the sun, even on the cloudy days when UV rays are intense than normal days. In this way, you can ensure a bright and beautiful tattoo.

Swimming and Hot Tubs:

While bathing with fresh tattoos is OK, submerging in pool for longer time can fade your ink. Besides, chlorine elements in pools can aggravate your tattoo wounds. Therefore, you must avoid swimming or hot tub baths for the first two weeks after tattooing. Make sure to remove the soap and shampoo on your tattoo quickly. If swimming is essential for some reason, cover the tattoo with waterproof thing like plastic to avoid water contact as possible. But avoid wrapping for longer. Besides, wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap as soon as possible after getting out of the water to avoid infection.

Avoid swimming for at least two weeks after getting a tattoo.

Wearing Tight Fitted Clothes:

Don’t wear tight fitted clothes on fresh tattoos as they can stick to the tattoos. On the top of that, the clothing can be then painful to remove as it can rip off the freshly developed scabs. If your garments stick to your tattoo, wet the area with water, which loosen the clothing without damage. Tight garments also cut off the oxygen supply to your tattoos, which is essential for the healing process.

So, these are the mistakes you must avoid after getting a fresh tattoo. Yes, you may feel hassle in starting with these precautions, but in the long run it is beneficial for your tattoos and your skin as well.



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