7 Things You Should Know About Nipple Piercing

December 18, 2016   475

Nipple piercing was not as popular as it is today. More and more number of fashion savvy people all across the world seems to be attracted toward this form of body modification. If you are planning to go for the same, here is something useful.

7 Things You Should Know About Nipple Piercing

Are you craving for a latest fashion move, you will be glad to know this- the recent researches state that nowadays one search term which is consistently going across the Internet is – Nipple piercing.

Yes, it is getting popular and there are many reasons behind. One of them is that the celebrities today are going gaga over this style of body modification. The stars now publicly display their piercings, and at times some of them confessed to have one, just like Tommy Lee or Lenny Kravitz did.

So, for their fans or who just want to join in the trend followed by modern pop stars, this form of body piercing is recommended for them. Checkout some essential tips for nipple piercing, and how to care for it;

 Tips to avoid piercing infections…

  1. Wearing tight clothing can be dangerous in several senses. Hence, at least for the piercing site wear loose attires, for few days.
  2. If it pains a lot, switch to any numbing solution. Dr. Numb can be one of them. It is highly recommended by the artists and experts. Actually, it is a FDA certified and safe product that relieve you from pain.
  3. It is must to thoroughly clean and rinse off the nipple piercing, but do it with utmost care. You can clean the piercing under the shower. Remember, even when the piercing is healed and you find the tissue more developed, you need to keep it clean for increased sensation and responsiveness.
  4. Avoid using any chemical filled cleaning solution. You can use a fragrance-free, anti-bacterial soap. Simply lather the soap and wash all areas of the piercing. Now rinse off the piercing site carefully and jewelry. Make sure y all the soap has been removed. Later, pat the site dry with help of a soft towel.
  5. Are you using any alcohol-based cleaning solutions, skin cleansers, antiseptic solutions, tea tree oil, or hydrogen peroxide? Kindly, don’t experiment with your new piercing. Actually, these can dry out the skin and can result in prolonged healing times.
  6. Don’t keep it static. Yes, it is recommended to rotate the jewelry, especially while cleaning the area. Doing so, you will help get the entire piercing clean and avoid any infections.
  7. Say no to sauna and swimming until the piercing has healed. Coming in contact with water can pose a risk of greater infection. So, avoid it as far as possible.

Taking care of nipple piercing…

Getting a piercing done is not sufficient; there is a lot you need to care of. Do you know with a number of women, nipple piercings can take up to 3-6 months to heal on an average? And in fact, some may take even a year. While till date no researcher has stated any interference between well-healed piercings and breast feeding, yet it is still not recommended to get piercing done before, during or after pregnancy.

The good news for men here is that in their case, it heals faster due to differences in tissue composition and hormones. Moreover, women often complain about some extra problems with healing during their menstrual cycles.

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