7 Tattoo myths and facts: You cannot miss them!

February 26, 2016   1315

Before getting a tattoo job done, everyone wish to enquire more and more about the process, design, and lots other stuff. While some may guide you with true facts, others might introduce you to nothing else than the myths. If you are also searching for something similar, here is the solution. Read on.
Tattoo myths

The sudden rise in number of people getting tattoos these days is something which pulls you toward the idea of getting inked? Well you are not alone. There are many like you who want to adorn a beautiful design on their body and flaunt their style.

While in the past it was common among people such as outlaws, sailors, and biker gangs; however with the passage of time, tattoos have emerged out to be a very popular body decoration idea. And saying it that these have developed into very sophisticated art work, will not be wrong. Ranging from the Celtic crosses to the very personalized symbols, people are fond of tattoos. When you start searching about them on internet, you will get abundance of information regarding dos and don’ts, side effects, post care, and lot more. Along this you will get to learn about some ideas which are outdated or better say, are nothing else than the myths. Checkout a compiled list of common tattoo misconceptions and the facts regarding them here:

# Myth1: Anyone can design a tattoo: You need to learn that tattooing is an art and it takes a lot of practice and training for one to become an expert. It is not as simple as it appears. Several types of trainings, including the medical training are compulsory for tattoo artists in order to get their license. Remember, using a tattoo gun on someone’s body is much different than crafting a design with a pen or pencil.

# Myth2: Checking the portfolio is sufficient: Do you think the photos available in the studio or website will be sufficient to judge the proficiency of the artist? This could be the biggest mistake you are doing while choosing the tattoo artist. What if they are using pictures of work done by someone else? Don’t end up making a wrong decision; you need to be more careful.

# Myth3: Just a painkiller before getting a tattoo will make it painless: Unluckily, this is not true; otherwise tattoos could be the easiest form of body art. In fact, if experts are to be believed, painkillers should be avoided strictly. The reason being, some of them happen to be blood thinners, thus leading to more bleeding while getting the job done.

# Myth4: Colored tattoos hurt more than the black ink tattoos: Colors don’t have anything to do with the pain, then how can colored tattoos be more painful? This is completely false. With the several improvements made to the ink and tattoo equipment, now both colored and black ink tattoos look better, and said to last longer.

# Myth6: Don’t use water on your tattoos: This is one of the biggest myths known. It is said that coming in contact with water will pull the ink out of your design. Well this is not true at all. While it is recommended not to soak your fresh tattoo design, just due to a reason that you don’t get infected, but it is never suggested to stay away from water. There is a need to clean and remove the excess lotion, and keep your tattoo clean.

#Myth7: You will not be able to get an MRI done after tattoo: A number of people say that due to the presence of metals inside of the ink used to create your tattoo, they cannot get MRI done. But you need to know that with several improvements in the last few years, ink now doesn’t contain any metals such as mercury which lead to reaction while you are inside an MRI machine.

Now when your tattoo myths are debunked, you can go ahead with your design and go voguish!

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