7 Strategies to Tame Your Ear Piercing Fear

August 07, 2016   783

If you can’t take the ear piercing fear easy, here are simple strategies to fight your pain and motivate yourself for ear piercing.

Ear Piercing

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Ear piercing is exciting and adds to your style appeal. Sadly, most of the people are not easy with facing the pain involving in this type of piercing. Although ear piercing is not so painful, thinking the sight of needles penetrating the skin has a psychological effect. If you fear from the ear piercing pain, here are simple steps to keep yourself calm.

Mentally Prepare Yourself:

To take the piercing easy, you need to mentally prepare yourself. For example, you can think of the type of piercing rather than being dominated by the pain. Think on which part of the ear rim you want to get the beautiful earring. You can also plan about the aftercare. To divert yourself from anxiety, listen to high temp music and talk to your friend about piercing. Research the tattoo parlors and read about the reviews to keep yourself busy so that you can’t be dominated by the piercing pain.

Check Out the Ear Piercing Looks!

Explore the images of ear piercing over Internet and know which look will suit you best. This thing will make you excited about ear piercing while stopping the fear dominating you at the same time. You can check out the celebrity ear piercing styles and the latest trends.

Choose the Good and Experienced Piercer:

A reputable and experienced piercer knows how to make his clients comfortable with the ear piercing. To find the good piercer, you can ask your friend, search over Internet and check out their social media platform to read reviews. Make sure to know the store hours and prices before making an appointment. After choosing the piercing studio, visit the studio before an appointment to check the safety standards and hygienic practices there.

Talk to Your Piercer:

Know from your piercer about the pain degree involving in the ear piercing. He or she can tell you about dealing the pain or what to do after getting pierced. Having a word with your piercer will assure you about the pain tolerance while getting ear piercing.

Ask Your Friend:

Besides meeting piercer, ask your friends their experience of being pierced. It will ease your fear of pain.

Take Your Friend for Support:

Good friend stands by you through every thick and thin. Same goes with the fear of piercing, when you’re are nervous and seek somebody support to boost your morale. Who can be better than a friend in this situation? With the friend encouragement and motivation, it will be easier for you to face the pain.

Miscellaneous Strategies:

Just before the piercing session, squeeze the stress ball and take deep breathing to keep yourself calm. Do you like to play a game on your phone? Reading a magazine is the good idea. Think something funny. Think about the worse situation of your life where you deal with such bravery.

These are some strategies to deal with the ear piercing pain. Again, ear piercing pain is not so terrible and you can easily tolerate it. After getting piercing, don’t forget to follow the piercing after care instructions.

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