6 Ways to Know That Your Piercing is Infected

August 01, 2016   2033

Body piercing has been in constant rage for ages. But amidst the craze, we can’t sideline the infection, which occur due to the wrong aftercare and wrong techniques. As most of the people are unaware of the signs, the piercing infection turns into worse. Here are the piercing symptoms to look out for.

Nose Piercing

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Body piercing is as old as the human civilization. It means our ancestors would have screamed with pain (no numbing cream then) and would have the post piercing issues like infection. Pain is the natural thing involving in piercing but infection is not expected most of us.

Sadly, most of the people are not aware of the infection symptoms till they turn out to be a serious thing. If you’ve got fresh piercing, here the symptoms you must check to prevent the piercing infection in earlier states.

Observe the Area Carefully:

After getting the body pierced, check the area carefully in the light. Use mirror if you’ve got nose and ear piercing. Generally, the area gets infected within 2 weeks. You should be particular about nose, genitals and ear piercing as they tend to be infected easily.

You must be extra careful if you have done piercing at home as you may not be aware of proper techniques and sterilized equipment.

Check Redness:

Redness is one of the common signs occurring after piercing and must go away within few days. If it is still persist and turned into dark or pink, chances are your piercing has been infected.


Like redness, swelling is the common sign to be noticed after piercing.  Swelling occurs as it is the response of the body towards the damaged tissues. However, if it is for prolong period after piercing, you must take it as the sign of infection.

Discharge of Fluid or Pus:

If there is a continuous discharging of pus or fluid from the infected area, it is the clear indication of infection. The fluid may be transparent or yellow or in some cases, it may be green.

Feeling Pain or Burning Sensation:

After piercing, you may feel pain or burning sensation, which is normal procedure. However, it may be a sign of infection if you feel pain while touching the pierced area. Besides, take it as infection if the pierced area gives off heat.


Fever or cold chills may point towards the more rigid type of infection. Seek medical advice if you have continuous fever, nausea or chills.

How to Treat Piercing Infection at Home?

So, these are the signs and symptoms of infection after body piercing. With some precautions and after care, you can treat or lower these infection signs.

  • Don’t remove your jewelry as it would seal the piercing spot and blocking the drainage of pus.
  • Apply a cotton ball soaked with saline water onto the infected area.
  • Use turmeric or neem paste.
  • Try rubbing ice cubes to suppress the inflammation
  • Don’t try to sleep on the side where you have an ear piercing
  • Use antibacterial soap the clean the infected parts

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