6 Things You Need To Know About Tattoo Aftercare

May 31, 2017   288

You might have spent several hours searching for a good artist, or choosing a tattoo design, but are you ready? Actually, tattooing is not only about artist or design, there is much more involved. Without knowing about the tattoo aftercare, your research is half work done. Make it complete reading some essential things here.6 Things You Need To Know About Tattoo Aftercare

Have you finally decided to get a tattoo?

Most of the people will recommended you to choose a reputed tattoo artist. No doubt, an artist can make a huge difference. He will probably show you some popular designs. And in case you don’t like any of them, you can ask him to do a custom one.

So, you have been careful while selecting a design and artist, after that? Isn’t there something missing?

Yes, there is! You are missing on aftercare tips which had to be followed after getting a tattoo done, and these cannot be ignored. Here’s everything you need to know:

Listen to your tattoo artist’s advice

Firstly, aftercare advice can easily vary from studio to studio.  In fact, even artists in a same studio can share different ideas for how to make your tattoo heal best. Hence, you need to follow each and every instruction your artist gives you. You can ask for printed advice sheet which would make easy for you to remember and carry along.

Keep it clean and dry

It is most important to keep the tattoo clean and dry. So, strictly avoid soaking it in water for at least a month. You can go for slight showers, but no bathtubs. Moreover, swimming and sauna have to be avoided for few weeks.

No direct sunlight

Be very careful; avoid exposing your new tattoo design to direct sunlight. And that’s not all! Do you know healed tattoos especially colored ones, can fade in the sun? Hence, even it’s completely healed, make sure you keep it covered and apply a high SPF.

A gentle wash for the tattoo

Ask from your artist how long the covering on the tattoo has to be kept. After that carefully remove the bandage and gently wash the tattoo with lukewarm water. If you need soap, use a milder one or a natural cleaner only.

Moisturizing with care

After cleaning, apply a thin layer of unscented moisturizing cream. You can ask from the artist about the same. But if it is paining a little you can trust on a good topical anesthetic like Dr. Numb which can be used before and after tattooing. Actually, it consists of 5% lidocaine and essential elements like Vitamin E. Hence, it blocks the pain signal, meanwhile healing the skin in natural way.

Switch to studio for touch ups

Though tattoos are permanent, yet there are good chances of losing ink after sometime. In case, you feel that your design has lost its color, you can move to studio for a retouch.

Lastly, you have to be patient with healing times. It will depend on how well you care and the size of the design. Follow the above state instructions and keep your tattoo safe.


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