6 Things to Consider Before Opening Your Tattoo Shop

August 09, 2016   1098

Turning your tattoo making hobby into business can be a good decision. Without being overwhelmed, consider these steps before opening a tattoo shop.

Tattoo Shop

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If people praise your tattoo designs, it may make you think to open a studio. That’s a good idea to capitalize your “aesthetic” sense to earn money and fame as well. However, like other business, tattoo shop requires pre planning regarding tattoo laws, permit, network and investment. Besides, you need to best on the patience and tact as sitting for a long time while designing is exhaustive. So, it’s nice and wise thing to consider some planning before opening a tattoo shop with these tips.

Make Your Portfolio:

Most of the clients require tattoo artist to showcase their previous work or portfolio. Make sure your portfolio showcases the variety in designs and shapes and must be original.

Join Apprenticeship Program:

If you are an amateur artist or taking tattooing as hobby, you must polish your skills by joining art classes, where you learn scaling, shading and proportion. It will be best if you opt for the apprenticeship for some period. For example, you can go for the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, where you work alongside a professional tattooist to learn the designing technique, equipment and sterilization standards.

Besides, they offer courses for the business aspects so that the budding artists can open their studio. However, you have to pay for the fee or enter into an agreement with the teaching artist to work in his studio till the apprenticeship is over.

Get a License:

In most of the US states, tattoo artists are required a permit for their tattoo studios. Besides, you must be 18 years or above to run your tattoos business. However, the criteria for tattoo licensing may vary from state to state. For example, Oregon state laws require licensees to undergo a 360 hours training under an approved tattoo artist plus a writing exam and skill showcasing round. A state can charge the fee for tattoo licensing, whether you’re an artist or a studio. You can be charge off the additional fee if you’re running piercing alongside the tattoo business.

Choose the Right Location:

It is the crucial step for your business growth. Choosing a location for the tattoo business is determined by the factors like area culture, competition and customer habits. For example, you may like to open your shop away from the family communities as they may object. The ideal location for opening tattoo shop is near college campus, flea markets, beaches, and retail points where you find a good flow of potential customers. If you don’t have enough funds to purchase the location, you can open the shop at your home for a time being.

Tattoo Equipment You Need:

Don’t buy all the machines and tools at once. Plus, you can choose some used equipment. You will need essential things like tattoo gun, ink, transfers, furniture and some nice design posters.

Promote Your Business Online:

 If you think newspapers ads are costly for your business in earlier stage, you must consider online platforms like social media sites. Plus, you can advertise locally with business cards and flyers.

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