6 Simple Tattoo Shop Marketing Ideas

October 14, 2016   828

Want to earn more clients for your tattoo shop? If yes, here are the simple ideas to take your tattoo art to the more people.

Tattoo Shop Marketing

So, you have opened a tattoo shop or already running a one for several years. Are you satisfied with the number of customers in a day? Your answer would be no if you have an unsatisfactory count. For example, it’s disappointing to receive one or two per day when your competitors have a long queue outside. It simply means you need to embrace effective promotional strategies taking your tattoo arts to more clients. This is why we come up with simple ideas to make your tattoo business more profitable.

Create Your Website:

Mouth of word publicity can fetch you more customers. But having a website has large impact as a user is introduced to your portfolios, designs and everything about your tattoos in few click, making up his mind to hire you. You must consider having a website even if you are using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Plus, website makes your tattoo business sound genuine. For example, a user is impressed with the artist having website than those who don’t have. You don’t need website developer to make your website or being well versed with coding to make your website. Instead, you can use website building platform like Squarespace to make website yourself. Make sure your website contain:

  1. A simple URL
  2. Your portfolio and tattoo pics
  3. Your services, specialties, and artists.
  4. Your location with a map or link to a map and any nearby landmarks.
  5. Parking and transportation information for an easy access
  6. Shop timings walk-in availability.
  7. Contact info and social media links.
  8. Price estimates and rate list.
  9. Recommended aftercare information.
  10. Customer reviews

Be Active on Social Media:

Social media is the best platform to promote your tattoos designs. Nowadays, Instagram is increasingly popular for visuals marketing. Apart from that, you must have a solid presence on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, Facebook and Instagram need interaction and an active social media feed.

Social media is the place where your followers and friends will constantly check updates, contact info and hours.

Make sure to post at least once per day to remain active on your social media platforms.

Apart from that, don’t forget to respond to user’s comments and messages. If you respond on time to a comment regarding availability then you can win over an extra customer that day. And think opposite if you don’t comment instantly.

Have Visiting Cards:

Business cards are not dated! They make people to remember you when they have glance at their wallet’s content. Distribute them among your clients so that they can pass it to their fellows willing to have tattoos.

Similarly, stickers are other great idea to promote your tattoo shop.

Interact with Communities:

You can donate in charities and can become the part of the fundraising activity. It will not only bring you good name, but also gives you an opportunity to do humanitarian work. You can sponsor a charitable group and event and provide tattoos at discounted rates to other members or people joining it. In this way, you can expand your tattoo shop, but with a cause.

Create Cool Promotional Items

If your budget allows, you can invest in merchandises marketing your tattoos on t-shirts, hats, cups and pens.

Advertise Yourself:

You must spare some budget for the advertising options like billboards, radio, social media and print media advertising, signs and flyers. Distribute your flyers and coupons in college campuses, malls and beaches. Yes, it may dent the budget of the small tattoo shop owners, though, is an effective way to promote your tattoo shop.

With these tips, you have a good chance to expand your tattoo shop business. We know some of the aforementioned ideas will take your time and money as well, but they would reap the reward for you in the long run. Remember, these ideas only do well for you if your tattoo art is good and satisfactory. A newbie in tattoo industry must take time to hone his skills and learn new styles before using these marketing strategies for tattoo shop.

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