6 Most Painful Body Parts to Get a Tattoo

July 08, 2017   547

Learn here why some body parts hurt more than others while having a tattoo on them.6 Most Painful Body Parts to Get a Tattoo

Tattoos add to your style. They unleash your aesthetic sense to others. They look gorgeous on the people of every age. However, it can’t be denied that they are painful depending on the body parts you are getting them, no matter if it is your first time or twentieth time.

Some body parts are not so painful for tattoos because they have cushion of the muscle or fat and less boney prominence. Body parts which are boney and lack the cushion of the muscles or fat are tend to be painful while getting the tattoo. This is because the needle strikes over thin layers of the skin and bones repeatedly. Besides, the presence of more nerve endings makes them sensitive.

Here we have listed such painful body parts to get a tattoo.


A thought of getting a tattoo on your head can raise your goose bumps, let alone getting it in real. The area has only skin and bone with minimal fat. So, when the needle strikes on your head you may have a terrible pain. And the noise of the machine is an addition to your woes as it is being operated near the ears.


Getting a tattoo on the elbow sounds cool but actually it can hurt you. Elbow is extremely boney, given that it is the joint in the arm. Besides, a tattoo artist requires you to sit at an awkward angle bending your arm which may add to your pain and discomfort.

Hand and Fingers:

Getting a tattoo on your finger is painful because of the prominence of bones, ligaments and thin/sensitive skin. However, the pain would be relatively less due to the small designs on these parts.


Rib tattoos are painful due to the high sensitivity of the area. Ribs have thin skin while the ribcage expands and contracts every single time you breathe. You may need several breaks to go easy with that.


Getting a tattoo on the spine can test your tolerance power. It is painful because spine is the boney and has many nerves. The spinal cord is also close to the skin, making tattooing an extremely painful thing. You can ease the pain by getting the design at the either side of the spine.

Knee Caps:

Knee caps are boney and are surrounded with the bones and tissues. It causes discomfort and pain when the needle runs on the surface.

Use a Numbing Cream to Reduce Your Pain:

If you want tattoos on these areas, pain will be your topmost concern. So, you can use a numbing cream like Dr. Numb to reduce your pain and discomfort occurring in the process. Numbing cream dulls your pain receptors so that you feel less or no pain.




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