6 Famous Piercing Styles You Can Choose From!

March 08, 2017   760

Since long time, piercing has been well known fashion statement. People love it for various reasons and with the passage of time it has evolved significantly in form of styles. Let’s find out what all options do you have to get your body pierced.6 Famous Piercing Styles You Can Choose From!

You will easily find a number of body modification enthusiasts out there who have tried their hands on at least one or more kinds of surface piercing, or better call body piercing. Being in vogue since ages, this form of body art has experienced an increasingly growing trend today.

While some choose it to express their freedom, others adore it to represent their community. Whatever your reason is behind decorating your body with piercing, you must know that it is a serious decision and requires you to be informed and prepared.

Yes, this might appear fun and stylish, but it is painful too. You cannot ignore the fact that it involves use of a needle. No, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a pain-free piercing. It is possible with help of a good topical anesthetic cream. For instance, you can choose Dr. Numb. Actually, it consists of 5% Lidocaine which causes numbing sensation by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. Hence, you can apply it before you start with the process.

Now when you know that how to make it painless, it is right time to get yourself enough knowledge on the different types of piercings. Thus, before you go out and get one for yourself, here is the list of options you have.

  1. Tongue piercing: This is a unique and still most loved by the youngsters who seek for an exclusive fashion statement. As the name suggests piercing will be done on the tongue surface, and it will be more painful. Usually, it will go from the upper to the lower surface of your tongue. And when the proper jewelry is used, it seriously looks amazing.
  2. Ear piercing: It has been the most common among all the different types of body piercing. Generally, more common among women, it involves piercing of ear lobes. Even men have fashionably followed suit and yes, ear piercing is by far the most acceptable one. You will easily find men and women who have as many as six piercings in one earlobe.
  3. Nose piercing: Among surface piercing types, nose piercing is another one after ear piercing to be there for a long period. Generally, the nose is pierced in two places. One is the side of the nostril, which is pierced to place a small stud. Another is done through the septum, in which where the cartilage separating both nostrils is pierced.
  4. Navel Piercing: It is more common among those who want to show off their flat bellies. Actually, navel surface piercing is preferred by fashion savvy girls who find it to a great way to look attractive and flaunt incredibly flat stomachs.
  5. Nipple piercing: If you want something which attracts people and offer you more than just a piercing. Appreciated by several enthusiasts, it is a less common but highly loved type of surface piercing. This one brings little bit complexities and can be quite difficult to do for some. Hence, you need to visit an experienced artist.
  6. Genital piercing: Last but not the least is the genital body piercing which is currently gaining a lot of popularity among men and women. It is usually located either on or near the person’s sex organ. It is done to aid the heightened sensation.

Now it would be very easy for you to decide, isn’t it? Pick any of these and flaunt your style!

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