5 Ways to Make Your Tattoos Less Painful

January 21, 2017   729

Obviously, the title of the blog would attract the people fearing from tattoos just because of the pain. These people also include the folks who have terrible experience while getting a tattoo. In simple words, you have come to this place to know how to get a tattoo, without pain.5 Ways to Make Your Tattoos Less Painful

Tattooing tests your pain threshold—you may feel it as if thousands of bees have stung you for hours. This is why many people give up their wish to get a tattoo.

Well, this blog won’t let you down if you want to ease your pain during tattooing. All you need to do just few simple things listed below.

Start with Simple and Tiny Tattoos:

Not all tattoos are same, so is their pain level. Detailed and large tattoos hurt you more while tiny tattoos are less painful. If it is your very first time, start with the simple tattoos rather than get your entire shoulder inked.

Be Careful with Your Tattoo Placement:

The pain degree is also determined by the body parts for tattoo placement. For example, tattoo on inner wrist and outer shoulder may hurt you less than having them on ankle or the collarbone. Why? This is because inner wrist and outer shoulder have more flesh acting as the cushion to resist the needle impact. Besides, they have low nerve endings that carry pain signal to the brain. On the other hand, collarbone and ankle tattoos are painful due to their bony surface.

The least painful body parts for tattoos are outer arm, stomach, calves, finger and forearm.

Avoid Alcohol Before Your Tattoo Session:

You may like to have alcoholic drinks to suppress your pain during the tattooing. Or you want to take it ease your fear of tattooing.

But it just backlashes! Instead of suppressing your pain, alcohol can thin your blood. Eventually, you may feel more pain and bleed more, besides the ink won’t have good grip on the surface.

OTC painkillers, coffee and energy drinks also cause blood thinning.

Instead, you must drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated.

Use Numbing Cream:

Numbing cream minimizes the pain during the tattooing or piercing. How? It numbs the skin so that the nerve endings can’t transmit the pain signals to the brain. Apply Dr. Numb numbing cream 45 minutes before your session on the spots you wish to get a tattoo. Dr. Numb is recommended tattoo numbing cream by dermatologist and tattoo artist alike.

Shop Dr. Numb numbing cream now to reduce your tattoo pain!

Divert Your Mind:

You will feel more pain if you are conscious during the process. Looking constantly at the needle movement will disturb you. Therefore, you have to focus your mind elsewhere. You can concentrate on the music; on the people talking in waiting area or thinking about how you flaunt your tattoo.

Bottom Line:

With these steps, you can reduce your pain occurring during the tattooing. Stay positive and take your tattoo process as a fun.






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