5 Timeless Tattoo Designs You Need To Try

November 21, 2016   374

Tattoos don’t need any introduction. This form of body art is popular since ages. But yes, it has evolved significantly. Are there some designs to stay ageless? Explore here.

Animal Tattoo

Usually, it is said that tattoos are permanent. The ink is permanent, but what about the design? With the ever changing fashion world, tattoos have been changing. However, there are few which have been ruling the heart of tattoo lovers. Below are listed some of the which are loved for various reasons, find out;

Animal Tattoos:

Not only the animal lovers, but also other people have shown their interest in this tattoo style. You will see some of the most complex and detailed tattoos these days which are of animals. It can be their pet or any other being. The best thing about these designs is that you can make them creepy, adorable or just a tribute to your favorite pet!

Flower Art:

This is the most expected one to be in the list. Especially, when it comes to women, flowers are loved for their feminine attraction. So, it’s no shocker that flowers are one of the most popular tattoo ideas so far. In fact, men have a place for them, without getting cheesy it can be absolutely stunning.

Spiritual Symbols:

For example, the famous Mandala tattoos. Basically, it is a spiritual symbol which is used in Hinduism and Buddhism, and said to represent the universe. In the recent years, artists have played very well around with the size and location of Mandala tattoo designs and the trend seems to continue.

Important Dates:

Of course, there are special days in your life which make that particular date memorable for you. What else could be good to keep it with you forever with the help of a tattoo? And this could be probably the idea behind every date- tattoo. These designs can reflect on the things in past, current, and future, anything.

Hand Designs:

It can be to signify power or prayer or anything else. But hand tattoos are highly popular. You will easily find praying hands, a small palm of the hand, or sometime even a middle finger, expressing different sorts of feeling people bear.

Quotes for Life:

While some quotes can be tricky, other comes with deep meaning. Whatever your reason is for choosing, it is understood that a quote tattoo is loved even today. Hence, if they mean something to you now, you can stay with them for life.

Last note; while these designs have made their presence felt throughout the decade, it’s not always important that a tattoo design you choose today will be relevant in the pop culture sense in coming 10, 15, or 20 years. Hence, it is important for the tattoo lovers to know before they get inked, that it’s essential to choose the one which is relevant to you. Or better say the one which can stand your expectations in coming years.

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