5 Things About Wrinkles You Probably Know

June 03, 2016   1148

From sun to ageing, you all have the wrinkle reasons ready on your fingertips. But here are some things about wrinkles that nobody told you. 

5 Things about Wrinkles You Probably Know

You can blame smoking, ageing, and poor lifestyle for wrinkles. Well, there are certain unexposed factors which secretly speed up your wrinkle causes. Some of them are inevitable while some are under your control. Here we’ve listed out the lesser known reasons which are based on the genes, facial expression and diet.

Sleeping on Your Side:

Now it’s the surprising reason which triggers wrinkles! Study shows that compressing your face into a pillow for nearly 2,500 hours per year develops creases over your face. Consider the right sleeping position including the right way to lie on your pillow is important. Sleeping on the back is the recommended position though it’s not comfortable. You can use firm pillow and place your face in a way so that the lower half never touches it. You face will be in the same position if you turn and toss through the night. Always use the silk pillowcases (even recommended by the dermatologists) as their fiber remains gentle on the skin. Plus, they hold the moisture of your skin overnight.

That’s in Your Genes:

Seeing at your grandmothers or parent can tell you where you likely to get wrinkles at what age. Since the position, severity and the position of the wrinkles are mostly decided by your genes.

Diet Helps You Erase the “Lines”:

Besides sun exposure and aging, poor diet is responsible for the wrinkles and fine lines. Add brightly colored fruits and veggies into your diet plans like berries, bell peppers, and leafy vegetables as they are the great source of the antioxidants. Antioxidants keep free radicals in check, which are responsible for the ageing symptoms. Besides, take Omega fatty acids in your diet which are found in salmon, flaxseeds, olive oil and avocado in abundance. They keep your skin hydrated and for the skin cell walls. Taking a vitamin C and E diet is also good for your skin. Amino acid rich foods like meat, eggs, tofu, grains and nuts fix up the breaking of the collagen and elastin which are essential for the skin firmness. But avoid sugar as it prompts the fine lines.

Facial Expressions:

Facial expressions display your emotions or reaction over something. But making them regularly can cause wrinkles. Several facial expressions like smiling and frowning involves the movements of the facial muscles, which create a perpendicular grooves to leave the mark. When you smile regularly, the two grooves (nasolabial folds) is formed which go down from your nose to the corner of the mouth. In your youth, you’ve enough skin elasticity to get it back to make the folds disappear when you stop smiling.

Overexposure to the Sun:

Being long in the sun not only makes you tan but develops “creases” over your face along with other aging signs. According to the report published in Daily Mail, the harmful Sun rays are responsible for the 80% of skin wrinkles. The UV rays of the sun deep penetrate the skin and affect the skin’s connective tissue, thereby triggering the aging process. You must apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun, even if you have to drive, because car windscreen not provides enough protection.

Yes, genetics and facial expressions can be beyond your control to prevent ageing. But you can slow down the wrinkle process by going for the daily exercises, diet plan, yoga, and avoiding smoking and drinking. Live stress free life and drink lot of water!

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