5 Things to Take Care of Fresh Navel Piercing

August 17, 2016   902

Caring for your new navel piercing is extremely crucial as it is prone to the infections. Here are the steps regarding the aftercare of your belly button piercing.

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Getting a belly button piercing is an overwhelming and exciting experience. Plus, you get an excuse to wear crop top!!! Amidst that thrill, you can’t afford to forget the after care of your newly navel piercing. It is important for you to take care of that, otherwise it could be prone to infections. That’s why it is important to keep it clean and healthy. Here are the essential points you must keep in mind to take care of your fresh belly button piercing.

(Note: Better if you choose the professional piercing artist for belly button piercing. Invest your time to find the good piercer)

Clean Hands Before Touching Your Navel Piercing:

Well, touching freshly belly button piercing every now and then can be an invitation to the infection. However, if you are doing it, make sure you have washed your hand with antibacterial soap. Remove the dirt and oils from your fingers which can otherwise transfer to your belly button piercing, making you prone to infection. Besides, keep your nails neat and clean against the dirt.

Clean Your Piercing Daily:

It is essential to keep your piercing clean to avoid the infections. Plus, it can speed up the healing process faster.

You can use cotton swab dipped in warm water to wipe and remove the debris near the piercing area with gentle motion. Later, wash your piercing with antibacterial soap in the shower by adding soap amount to your fingertips to “massage” the area for few seconds. Go to shower to rinse off the soap lather. Use paper towel to pat it dry. Repeat the process twice a day.

Note: Don’t use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the piercing as they irritate the skin. Avoid the use of ointment either as it may cut down the supply of oxygen to the pierced area.

Salt Water Solution for Piercing:

Saline water is considered effective to clean the piercing as it has healing properties while killing the bacteria.

All you need to mix ¼ tbsp. of sea salt into 236 ml of boiled water. Let the water to cool down. Pour this saline water into small glass and lean over it so that the belly area can be covered by the top rim of the glass. Securely put the glass on your stomach and lay down on your back. Keep yourself in this position for 10-15 minutes and repeat the process once a day. Alternatively, you can use folded paper to give your pierced area a warm compress. The other option is to use the sea-salt spray on the spot.

Don’t Remove the Jewelry Very Often:

Make sure to keep the jewelry in place for at least 6 months as it is the healing period. If you remove the jewelry, the healing process of the body can close the piercing gauge, making difficult for you to reinserting the jewelry.

Wear Loose Garments:

Tight clothes or their fabrics can snuggle into your navel jewelry and cut the supply of fresh air to the area. Therefore, prefer wearing loose fitting, and breathable fabrics like cotton while minimize the use of synthetic materials.

Don’t try to remove your clothes in hurry or roughly as they can stuck into the jewelry which can injure it. Try to sleep on your back and sides to avoid hurting your belly. 

So, these are caring tips for fresh navel piercing. Make sure to visit doctor if you are in doubt regarding swelling or bleeding.

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