5 Things You Should Never Say to Person with Tattoo

December 15, 2016   411

Though tattoos have become the mainstream style, the tattooed person is looked down upon by some people or appears as someone out of the planet. On any given day, he faces criticism for being tattooed from his parents and boss while “curious” people irritate him with silly questions. It shows that these people still believe in tattoo myths or outdated nuances about them. We don’t want you to belong from these people’s league. So, here are the things you must refrain from saying to a person with tattoo.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Person with Tattoo

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“Tattoos are Not Professional”

A tattooed person must have heard this thing many times, whether from his father or employer. But tattoos have nothing to do with your skills or professional life. They don’t make you unemployable. Did you know? Winston Churchill had tattoo! Even CIA has announced that they don’t have a problem with a job candidate having tattoo.

In an interview with Forbes, Bank of America spokeswoman Ferris Morrison said, “We have no formal policy about tattoos because we value our differences and recognize that diversity and inclusion are good for our business and make our company stronger.”

 “They are Permanent. You Can’t Get Rid of Them”

Stop demoralizing them by saying so! Tattoos are permanent things no more, thanks to the laser tattoo removal treatment. In laser tattoo removal, an ultra-short pulse lasers or Q switch lasers is thrown at the skin, which is very hot and being operated in narrow frequency; and it is very fast. The speed and heat of the beam breaks down the ink particles.

Think about laser tattoo removal method before making this remark!

“Did They Hurt You?”

Well, this question is asked by someone who never got tattoo in his life or is curious about that. Numbing cream has made it possible to get a tattoo with less pain. Today, many tattoo freaks choose Dr. Numb numbing cream to make the tattoo process painless.

“Your Parents Won’t Be Angry Over That”

You say so when you are worry over your friend’s encounter with his parent with those large tattoos. It is true that some parents are still not cool about tattoos but they will be used to it.

“You Can’t Donate Blood Once You Get Tattoo”

That is nothing but a misconception! A tattooed person can donate a blood irrespective of the numbers of tattoos on his body. According to some states’ regulations, a person can donate blood within a week if the process has been done with good ink and sterilized needles. Otherwise, he is invalid to do so for a year. But it is sure that he can donate a blood after having a tattoo.

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