5 Things to Consider Before Getting Finger Tattoos

August 24, 2016   641

Finger tattoos are the cool ways to flaunt your aesthetics! To keep them right, here are some tips you must consider.

Finger Tattoo

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Finger tattoos are in constant rage among the people of all walks of life. From celebrities to college goers, everybody have their favorite quotes, anchors, marks and motifs on their fingers. Finger tattoos are adorable, cool and the unique twist of self-expression. But amidst the craze of getting finger tattoo, you must not forget that there are many things you must consider before getting them. Remember, finger tattoos can fade easily and your profession may not tolerate them. Here are essential things you must ponder before getting finger tattoos.

Where You Want to Get Them?

Consider where on the fingers and which finger you want get a tattoo.

  • Knuckle tattoos are placed on the first, second or third knuckles of any finger. It is considered as the suitable place as it can holds the ink well.
  • You can get a tattoo on the side of the finger.
  • Some tattoos, like ring tattoos can go all the way around a finger. Since it has an ink inside the hand, which can be easily blur and face as it is exposed to the sweat, sun, and washing.

Which Design You Want to?

Well, there are many designs and illustrations you can have for your finger tats! You can choose from simple lettering, symbols, quotes and themed designs. Make sure the design is minimal and can go well with the little space on the fingers. If you go for the detailed or precise illustration, chances are it looks sketchy and the color can fade soon. You can search over the net to find the best one tattoo design.

Whatever tattoo design you choose, it should be according to your tastes. You can have an appointment with your tattoo artists over that. He or she must have the portfolio of finger tattoos design.

How it will Look on My Finger?

To know how the tattoo will look on finger, here is an easy idea. Just draw the rough tattoo design with marker and know if it looks beautiful. You can also get a henna tattoo that can last for some days, giving you an idea of the permanent tattoo looks on your finger.

Choose Good Tattoo Studio or Artist:

If you have decided the finger tattoo, the next step is about finding the right tattoo artist. Many tattoos studious may not have finger tattoo in their portfolio, meaning you have to know their policies beforehand. You can find them online based on the customer reviews. You can ask you near and dear ones or the one who recently got tattoo.

Make sure the tattoo shop has good hygienic conditions and cleanliness around. It makes sense to pay bit more for the shop quality and the tattoo artist experiences.

Does Your Profession Allow It?

Keep this thing is mind that many job industries are particular about tattoos and piercing and they can’t allow you to have. For example, several hospitals, corporate offices and law can’t accept tattoos. Many people hide tattoos by using several methods like covering it up with clothes, jewelry and make up patches.

After pondering over these things, you can get a beautiful finger tattoo from experienced artists. But you should not forget aftercare to save it from fading soon.

Here are some precautions tips for tattoos aftercare:

  • Follow your tattoo artist guidelines and advice for cleaning and moisturizing the skin after tattoo.
  • Don’t wash it with harsh or alcohol based soaps.

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