5 Things To Consider Before You Get A Foot Tattoo

March 30, 2017   314

Foot tattoo appear to be in style right now, everybody wants to get it done!5 Things To Consider Before You Get A Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoo can look truly pleasant and make you feel alluring, you might need to reexamine before getting one on your foot.

There are myriad reasons that putting your tattoo elsewhere on your body might be a superior thought than putting one on your foot…

  • The pain

You must be knowing that there is no muscle on your feet. In fact, it’s essentially skin on top of bone, especially on top of your foot. Because of this, getting a foot tattoo can be very painful. A few people even put foot tattoos on the base soles of the foot. Even this pains a lot.

In this way, if you are someone who dislikes or can’t endure pain well, it’s likely a smart thought to get your tattoo some place other than your foot.

  • The space available on your foot

Since there is very little space on your foot, you won’t have the capacity to get a large or an extremely detailed tattoo. Also, tattoos on the foot will probably spread and obscure, so that is another reason that picking huge or definite designs isn’t such a smart thought.

So, if you were considering getting a foot tattoo that was either big or small, then you might need to consider getting your tattoo somewhere else on your body.

  • A few tattoo artists won’t put tattoos on feet

According to the above mentioned points, some tattooists will not do foot tattoos at all. They just would prefer not to be dependable if someone picks they don’t care for the tattoo or if there are issues with infection.

They just don’t want to be dependable if someone decides they don’t like the tattoo or if there are troubles with infection.

  • A foot tattoo can take 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal

It’s not guaranteed that the skin where the tattoo is won’t get infected. You must be very careful to keep a foot tattoo spotless and sterile, which can be a disadvantage, especially if you work at a job that obliges you to wear shut shoes.

  • It can be hard to hold still while getting a foot tattoo

The foot is a very sensitive area and just like the knee, where hitting may sometimes elicit an uncontrolled reaction, the same applies to the foot. Although you are doing your best to keep still, there might be instances when the tattoo artist is taking every necessary step that you make uncontrolled movements.


At last, I cherish the way tattoos look when they are done elegantly by a good tattoo artist, but would advise that get it inked only if you actually want it.

Also, I personally think that to actually enjoy the making of your foot tattoo, do pick the best tattoo parlor and always ask your tattooist to numb the area with topical numbing cream to ease the pain!

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