5 Things You Can’t Afford to Miss before Body Piercing

March 21, 2017   316

Whether it’s on earlobe or on bellybutton, body piercing makes you look stylish and expressive. However, piercing can be a lifelong regret for you, if done wrongly. Therefore, here are the things you must know to have a safe and desirable piercing.5 Things You Can’t Afford to Miss before Body Piercing

Body piercing has been the part of people’s style for thousands of years. In USA, nearly 80% people have earlobe piercing while 14 percent have a piercing somewhere other than the ears. However, it can’t be denied that body piercing can be regretful, if it goes wrong. You like to keep everything fine before and after your body piercing. Here are things you should consider before getting a body piercing.


You like to get piercing on the cheek, lips, eyebrow and ear to flaunt your style. Some people get piercing on the navel, tongue, nipple and genitals due to their preference of personal taste over flaunting. If your workplace or school is strict about piercing, you are likely to consider a visibility of piercing.

How Much Does it Hurt?

A pain level in body piercing is determined by the part you are getting it on. Some body piercings are least painful while some create horrible pain—depending on the presence of tissue softness and nerve endings’ presence. For example, ear lobes, navel and nostril are the least painful areas while nipple and genital piercing cause pain. Whatever part you choose for piercing, be mentally prepare to face the pain.

You can use numbing cream like Dr. Numb to reduce your pain during piercing. A numbing cream blocks your nerve endings so that they can’t send the pain signal to the brain.

How will You Look?

Have you ever thought that piercing can bring some changes in your look? It is somewhat like a haircut. This is why you must know if the particular piercing will go best with your look. It is very simple to guess your post-piercing look. You can wear fake accessories being clipped on the body parts to get an idea of the look you get after piercing. Ask your friend how you are looking with that piercing. In this way, you can know if the piercing suits your look.

Choose APP Certified Piercer:

Body piercing is a critical business. A minor fault can damage your skin or make you prone to the infection and scarring. Therefore, you should contact APP (Association of Professional Piercers) certified professionals for consultation on your piercing. They will make you aware about latest techniques and safety standards.

Check the Laws of Your State:

Some U.S. states require you to get piercing after a certain age while some states want you to get parent’s consent for piercing. Therefore, you must know your state’s laws about piercing to avoid complication or penalties.

With the help of these steps, you have good chances for getting the right piercing. Besides, you can avoid the piercing regrets. But that is not enough. You should be serious about your skin care after getting the piercing.


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