5 Tattoo Tips on Holidays

December 14, 2016   315

Getting a tattoo on holidays is exciting! But it may be challenging to find good tattoo artist and keep your tattoo safe over there. So, here are the things you must know.

Being a tattoo enthusiast, you like to continue with your passion even on holidays. You would like to explore the local’s tattoo trends and shop. It is for sure, you lend a space of your skin to get the best tattoo from the popular artist of that city.


But tattoos are tattoos and the precaution remains same, whether you get them in your hometown or outside. Especially, you must be extra cautious while getting tattoo on your holidays as you are unknown to the area. You don’t know the best local artist or are unaware of the tattoo processes. We are not recommending you to give up your tattoo passion on holidays; rather we want you to follow some safety measures to avoid risks of getting tattoo as a tourist.

So, it really makes sense to follow these guidelines to get a safe tattoo while enjoying exotic holiday:

Don’t Have a Tattoo When You’re Drunk:

Given the late night timings of tattoo shops in major tourist hubs, you can get an idea of getting a tattoo after leaving the bar. Remember, getting a tattoo after having alcohol causes blood thinning, which in turn leads to bleeding and pain.

Pick the Artist Wisely:

Choosing the right tattoo artist is extremely important on your holidays. This is because you don’t know the good one, especially when you are standing at the tattoo hub of the city. Fret not! You can use these tips to ensure that you get the best artist:

  • Check the portfolio
  • Visit their website if they have
  • Use their social networking site to know the review
  • Talk to someone who got tattoos
  • Talk to your artist
  • Compare the Rates (but good artist always comes first than prices)

So, don’t settle on the one artist at once, instead make your research to find the best one.

Make Sure Tattoo Studio is Cleanand Operates under Hygienic Conditions:

You may come across several tattoo shops having a messy and dirty environment inside—dust on benches, worn out needles and machines, blood stained objects, ink leakages, same needle for all clients, flies, sweaty artist using no gloves, and suffocation. Stay away from these shops if you don’t want to go back with infection and skin problems.

Research the Meaning of Your Tattoo Symbol:

Whether its Chinese symbol or Sanskrit phrase, you must know the meaning of the tattoo you are going to have. Make sure the phrase matches your tastes or personality.

Follow Tattoo Aftercare:

You must take care of your tattoo, especially when you are in strange city with unfamiliar weather conditions. For example, if you are in tropical region, your tattoo is prone to harsh sun exposure. So, wash it properly, apply antibacterial cream and secure it from dirt, dust and chlorine water. You must avoid the swimming for some days.

So, these are the things you must keep in while getting tattoo on your holidays.

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