5 Super Cool Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

January 22, 2016   1412

Besides being a style statement for people, tattoos also act as an expression for many cultures. It is way people often use to expose their attitude and their perspective towards life and every other thing. While the placement of the tats is determined by the design and size and above all the personal decision of the person, some body areas are preferred more than others for having a tattoo inked on them.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Among the various tattoos, sleeve tattoos are the favorite tattoos for both young and old. Though this trend prevailed as common in Males in the beginning, many females are also spotted with the same these days.

The reason why sleeve tattoos are more common in guys is due to the fact that it makes them look more masculine leaving that charm on women. However, whether you’re a male or a female, having a sleeve tattoo can make you more attractive. Plus, these are a great way to express yourself. These can be a unique expression of what stands for or their individual story based on what design they choose.

Here are a few antique sleeve tattoo ideas for you to inspire and choose from.

  1. Warrior Full Sleeve Tattoos

While this particular sleeve tattoo design suits those muscular hands, self-dependent and strong girls can too go for the same. The warrior full sleeve tattoos may showcase the pictures of warriors and weapons involved in wars and fights.  These tattoo designs reflect utter strength and power. You can also go for other designs like hearts, feathers, dream catchers, arrow and skulls. One can have as many of the elements included in sleeve tattoo design as they desire, but discuss it with the tattoo artist, right from the beginning, so that he can plan the design accordingly.

  1. Black Full Sleeve Tattoo

It is one of the largest tattoo designs covering the entire arm from shoulder to the wrist and the back of the arm. This tribal design consists of geometrical shapes divided into different sections.

3.    Realistic Full Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic sleeve tattoos may feature realistic elements including flowers, plants, animals and birds. The tats can be designed in vibrant colors to make a complete effect of these design elements. Lotus, roses, peacocks, hummingbird and phoenix can make the top choice for such sleeve tattoo designs. Besides these, some people also prefer fantasy sleeve tattoo designs that can include elements such as elves and flying birds done in the fantasy style. Such tattoos may draw attention of the spectators and fascinate them at the same time.

4.   Pin Up Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Another adored sleeve tattoo design includes the one featuring pin up girls that makes your sleeve look very attractive. People also like to get the portraits of their lady love or children inked on their sleeves to express their love towards them. Some others prefer to get their names etched in these designs. Random text or quotes or even the lyrics of your favorite song can also be incorporated in these designs.

  1. Jesus Christ Full Sleeve Tattoo

Another popular full sleeve tattoo design idea is Jesus Christ full sleeve tattoo which displays the images of the Christ and some even show the sufferings tolerated by him.


Sleeve tattoos are one of the most widespread tattoo designs, as they look both prominent and attractive. Like the sleeve of a garment, these tats cover the area from the shoulder to the wrist, although some designs may be half sleeved or quarter sleeved.

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