5 Side- Effects Of Tattooing You Must Know

January 28, 2017   413

Nowadays people are going gaga over tattooing. Though these have been ruling over the world of fashion for decades, yet the side effects are not so known. In case, you are planning to get a tattoo job done, it is advised to first learn these. Read on.5 Side- Effects Of Tattooing You Must Know

Planning to get inked? Tattoos are becoming more acceptable in modern culture. A recent study states that around one in five US adults have one tattoo. Thus, making about 21 percent of the total population, and this is seriously a big number. Isn’t it? The reports also compare the data with that collected in the year 2008 in which was just 14 percent. Hence, it is pretty clear that inked bodies are becoming popular.

On the contrary, do you know that one in ten people who get a tattoo experience some problem with the design or style or color? The severity can vary from simple infection, redness, swelling, to itching. Here is a list of after-effects you might not be aware of, but you too face them. Have a look:

Skin infection: When people don’t follow the proper instructions and tattoo aftercare procedure, they are moving themselves towards infection. Generally, these days all reputable studios offer an aftercare program which is said to decrease the chances of infection up to a great level. But still it is essential to keep the new tattoo clean.

Keloids: In several cases, those red or flesh-colored lumps start appearing over the tattoo surface, leading to formation of scar. Actually, it is due to overgrowth of the tissues, which causes kleoids, forming the small knots or bumps around the tattoo.

Pain: This factor is associated during the process and after it. The process includes insertion of needle into skin, and this causes pain. However, you can get rid of this discomfort applying Numb Skin cream. It is one of the most famous topical anesthetic creams with 5% lidocaine and essential oils. Blocking the pain signals, it works magically on your skin.

Blood borne diseases: Your skin becomes prone to some serious and life-threatening disease after getting tattooed. It includes ailments like hepatitis B and C, tetanus and HIV. But these can be avoided by taking some necessary precautions. All you need to do is make a good research for a perfect tattoo studio and find an experienced artist first.

Allergic reactions: It is something highly common and happens due to the infusion of ink. Often it is found that people who are allergic to the chemicals are at greater risk of getting some sort of allergy due to the ink used in the process. One thing more, the colored inks are said to cause greater reactions, reason being, these are composed of metallic dye like mercury, iron, and cadmium. Thus, there are good chances that you have some itchy rash, which might last for two or three weeks.

Lastly, the most fearful thing is that these complications might linger for years, in fact even after years of being inked.


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