5 Sexy Spots for a Girls Tattoo

November 01, 2016   473

Fashion changes every day, so it is difficult to be in style every time. Tattooing has also become a style statement for all including females. Undoubtedly tatted celebrities are vital reason for its popularity among girls. You can see various girls widely sharing their newest tattoos over social media.

Girls Tattoo

Tattoos make our body look more appealing, but determining the best spot for the tattoo is a mind-boggling task. The ideal spot for a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo and pain-tolerance capacity of the person being tattooed. Ideally, the feminine spots on a girl’s body are coolest places for girls to get a tattoo, but there are also other tasteful places for girls which we have organised here.  

Behind the ear

There are various celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Ashlee Simpson and Angela Simmons who have tattooed the area behind the ear with their names or some interesting designs. This area has few nerve endings which make one of the least painful areas for getting a tattoo. In the case of hiding the tattoo, girls can simply put their hair down. Due to the unpredicted location of ear tattoos, it the most unusual and alluring tattoo spot for girls.


It is also the least painful spot for girls to get a tattoo. The ankle is a feminine spot that is ideal for girls who want to bear small tattoo designs. In public or formal setting it can be easily hidden by wearing high-ankle shoes or ankle length pants. While, short dresses can be worn to reveal the ankle tattoo to the world.    

Back of the neck

It is both visible and easy to cover up location for adorning with a tattoo. Beck of the neck is a bit tough place to take care of the tattoo, although it is not a painful part of the body to be inked. It is one of the most noticeable spots on a girl’s body. It is a great spot for larger tattoos; however, it can affect the spine.       


A thigh-wrap around is one of the popular spots for girls to get tattoos.  It is the safest place for a tattoo as it is an easy-to-hide location. Thighs are the perfect canvas for tattoos because starting from a small tattoo you can cover up the entire leg with a larger tattoo.    

Collar Bone

For females, collar bone is also the best spot to ink tattoos, as it highlights the most striking parts of the human body. Tattoos on collar bones look fantastic in a singlet top, while can be covered easily. Getting a collar bone tattoo is a tough decision as it involves immense pain.

Tattoo is a permanent art on the body; so when getting a tattoo, everything should be considered wisely so that you don’t have to regret in future. Placement of a tattoo plays a vital role in tattoo’s look, so choose a spot that suits the type of the tattoo you are marking. 

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