5 Reasons You Should Have Crush on Ankle Tattoos!

January 07, 2017   403

Summary:5 Reasons You Should Have Crush on Ankle Tattoos!

Ankle tattoos are quite popular these days because of their placement, cheap prices and the stylish appearance.

Can you tell what Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron, and Shannen Doherty have in common? All have got a beautiful ankle tattoo!

Over the years, ankle tattoos have become a rage among women from all walks of life because of these features…….

They Look Stylish:

They look chic and elegant and enhance your look when flaunt with high heels and short dresses. Make sure to keep them visible as much as possible. There is plethora of designs like butterfly, phrases, flowers, beads and initials to choose from. Ankle tattoos go with every woman’s taste.

You Can Hide Them:

Since these tattoos are placed on the ankle, it is easy for you to hide them at social settings, work place or in the school. On the other hand, you can reveal them at parties or while enjoying your casual moments.

They are Small and Adorable:

If you prefer small tattoos, ankle tattoo is definitely for you. Generally, it takes no more than 5 inches space on your skin area. They are tiny and look awesome at the same time. Good thing is that it won’t take that effort and money during the removal process.

You Can Tolerate the Pain:

 It is a bitter truth that pain is obvious while having tattoos. It can depend on certain factors including your pain threshold and part of the body you are getting it on. Sadly, ankle tattoos are painful because of their bony surface and less “fatty surface” acting as the cushion. But ankle tattoos are not that painful, thanks to their small size which is done easily and quickly.  

So, don’t give up getting the ankle tattoo just because they are painful. You can use Dr. Numb numbing cream one hour before to make you tattoo process less painful.

They are Affordable:

Having an ankle tattoo is just under you budget! This is because they are smaller in size and won’t require artist’s time and skill. However, you must prefer the design and expertise of your artist over the price. You can explore plethora of tattoo designs along with rates at the websites of the tattoo artists.

So, these are the things making ankle tattoos cool and stylish. Make sure to get it done from experienced artist!  


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