5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

April 20, 2017   622

You might have been going for different hair removal options, but there are still good chances that you haven’t tried laser yet. Right? And the reason is that you are afraid to do so just because you are surrounded by some unnecessary myths. Not to worry! Below are busted some major myths which will help you make a better decision.5 Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Need a painless and permanent hair removal solution?

If yes, then you must have tried almost everything, ranging from shaving razors, threading to waxing, right? But haven’t achieved any satisfying results!

Don’t fret over this situation; you are not the only one to deal with the same. There are many like you are not happy with these traditional hair removal techniques. And hence, they switch to laser hair removal. What?

You aren’t confident about the results? Confused with some myths? Explore some of them here:

Myth #1: Lasers Can Cause Skin Cancer

Fact: Just a baseless and overrated myth about laser removal. You need to know that lasers are extremely safe. With FDA’s approval, they are used worldwide and have offered amazing results. Along this, there is no such study indicating towards laser hair removal causing skin cancer so far.

Myth #2: Only a Single Laser Session Is Enough

Fact: Similar to any other non-invasive cosmetic procedure, even laser hair removal needs multiple sessions to achieve desired results. Yes, on an average 4 to 6 sessions are required for permanent hair removal. However, this might vary significantly from person to person, depending on the color and texture of your hair and skin. Dark, coarse hair needs fewer sessions than light colored, fine hair.

Myth #3: Results Are Permanent

Fact: Don’t be shocked! Lasers do not remove hair permanently. But yes, they reduce hair growth up to a great extent. However, there is a possibility that your hair may grow after the treatment, but they will be fine and thin. For this, patients generally go for few sessions even after the treatment.

Myth # 4: It Is an Expensive Procedure

Fact: Well, laser hair removal is a little expensive process. But not to the extent that an average person will not be able to afford it! And, the price of treatment may vary significantly from one provider to another. Thanks to the advancement in technology; now the treatment has become more affordable and accessible. In short, it helps you save time and money, altogether.

Myth #5: Results are same for everyone

Fact: A major myth- the results produced by laser hair removal sessions are same. Actually, it can vary greatly from one person to another. There are many factors contributing to this difference. So, it will depend on your skin color, and the color, type and texture of the hair, how better results you achieve.

You need to know that light colored hairs respond the least to laser beams. And on the contrary, thick and coarse dark hairs absorb maximum heat energy. Hence, they are best treated with laser.

So, now when you know it is worth considering, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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