5 Coolest Medical Tattoos for Healthcare Professionals

June 12, 2017   232

Even doctor and nurses can have tattoos! Here we have listed the coolest medical tattoos for healthcare professionals.5 Coolest Medical Tattoos for Healthcare Professionals

Tattoo is no more an odd thing for healthcare professionals. Now it is more common to see a doctor or nurse carrying beautiful illustrations on their arms, thanks to the US healthcare industry’s liberal policies towards tattoos and piercing.

Being a healthcare professional, you like to have the tattoos that express your love for the profession. Good news is that there is plethora of medical tattoos to choose from. Whether its heart or stethoscope, all show off your personality and passion towards care and medicine.Such tattoos not only add to your style, but also act as the medical alert.

Here we have listed the coolest tattoo ideas for healthcare professionals:

Images of Doctor and Nurses:

Want to show passion for your profession? Get a tattoo of doctors and nurses on your arms. It also helps people recognize you when they need medical assistance immediately.

Diagram of the Heart:

Diagram of the heart may look boring and exhaustive on the papers. But it will look mesmerizing on your arms. The other things that make it a cool medical tattoo are the detailing and shading done over it.

Diagram of the Muscles and Bones:

Looking for more aesthetically pleasing medical tattoos? You can try an anatomy tattoo according to the placement area.

For example, you can get a hand anatomy tattoo on your hand. Such tattoos look great in black ink. Get it done from a professional artist as these tattoos require expertise in detailing, patience, and energy.

EKG Tattoo:

So, you are looking for a simple and sober tattoo. Why not try a small EKG tattoos? They won’t occupy large space on your skin and look cute, unlike large and loud tattoos. Such tattoos will look great on the inner wrist or on the neck.

Medical Alert Tattoo for Diabetes, Proper Drug Treatment Asthma:

You can contribute to the awareness about diabetes with your medical alert tattoos. Similarly, you can promote a proper drug treatment by getting a caduceus on your arms.

So, these were some cool medical tattoos you can try. However, it is important to follow your employer’s policy regarding tattooing and piercing before getting a tattoo. Besides, always get a tattoo done from a right tattoo artist.




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