5 Common Symptoms Saying You Have Hemorrhoids

October 10, 2016   843

All over the world, hemorrhoids are a condition which is highly misunderstood. It is often incorrectly characterized as being a disease for the elderly. However, the fact is that it is common to both, young and old, equally. Here are some common symptoms explained to provide you a better insight.

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Hemorrhoids are very devastating skin condition. It can affect both females and males, that too irrespective of their age group. People generally hesitate to share their problem, even with their doctors. And this is probably the biggest reasons, why problem gets more severe. 

On the other hand, if you recognize the problem in the early stage, it becomes simple to recover and treat. For this, it is important to learn about the symptoms first. Know here about the various symptoms associated with this unpleasant medical condition.

Difficulty while passing stools:

Sense of incomplete bowel evacuation, passage of hard stools, straining at defecation, etc. are some of the other common symptoms indicating towards the presence of hemorrhoids. Obstruction is common among people who usually suffer from constipation. Hence, if you suffer from obstructive defecation, it is a sign you might be suffering from hemorrhoids.

Pain and itching:

People experiencing hemorrhoids have to suffer the most obvious and irritating symptoms- pain and itching. In the swollen veins, some mucous is released which irritates the skin around the anus area. It might also cause you severe burning, making your skin become irritated. In addition to this, one can also experience mild to severe pain in the anus area.  

Blood in stool:

This can occur in many cases, i.e. a small and painless emission of very bright red blood happens through the toilet tissue, after passing stool. This mostly happens if the bowel was very hard or large, and this is a symptom of hemorrhoids. Bleeding is also common when the itching and pain is not there. Here it is worth noticing that the rectal bleeding is not a simple symbol of this skin condition. It can also be a symptom of several other serious illnesses including anal cancer and colon cancer. So, if blood amount is greater, you must see a medical practitioner to confirm the problem.


Another common symptom includes the urge to pass bowel right after having a bowel movement. This causes discomfort by the bulging of hemorrhoid in the end portion of your large anal canal. Larger the pile is, greater will be the discomfort you experience.


Painful swelling or lump

Being the most common symptoms, these are usually associated with external hemorrhoids. When the blood pooling occurs under the skin, it generally results in thrombosed piles. These are also termed as clotted piles and are quite painful. Often it is hard and can occur inside or outside of the rectum. Being innervated by somatic nerves the area turns very painful, making it the most serious type of hemorrhoids.

Once you are able to catch them early, now you need to treat them. In case, it appears getting severe; it is advisable to seek professional medical attention

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