5 Biggest Tattoo Myths You Must Forget Today

October 18, 2016   379

Here we have debunked some biggest tattoos myths that are still believed today.

Tattoo Myths

Once, tattoos were not considered style symbol as they are today. Rather, they were the mere infamous “body illustrations” associated with the jailbirds, sailors, rude guys and tribes. Over a time, society started accepting them, thanks to the influence of celebrity making them popular. Although tattoos have become widespread style statement, they are not even free from the myths passing from generations today. There are many people who still believe in the baseless misconceptions. Here, we have busted those tattoos myths so that you have a better outlook on that.

You Can’t Donate Blood Once You Get Tattoo:

We don’t know who created that irrational myth! This myth is seemed to be an advice from a father who wanted to stop his son from getting a tattoo. You can donate blood, no matter how many tattoos you have on your body. No one can stop you from contributing for a cause. However, you can donate blood within a week if your tattoo is made with good ink and sterilized tools. Otherwise, you have to wait for a year. Please check your state’s guidelines regarding the blood donation after tattoo. But it is for sure that you can donate blood after tattoo.

Tattoos Do Hurt Always

Tattoos are painful, but it depends on your pain tolerance power. But a person with normal pain threshold won’t scream loudly. Plus, the pain level is determined by the body part you are getting them. Some of the least painful areas in the body are fingers, things and outer shoulder. If you are not comfortable, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream hour before your tattooing.


Drinking Alcohol will Ease My Tattoo Pain

One of the biggest tattoo myths you must forget right now!  Boozing won’t alleviate your pain; rather it will make it worse. In addition to your woes, alcohol will spoil the color intensity and healing time. If you are conscious about pain, you can use Dr. Numb numbing cream to suppress your pain.

Tattoos are Permanent:

Well, this myth would be definitely fact decades ago, when there was no laser technology. With the help of laser tattoo removal and Q switched laser, it is much easier to remove the tattoos today.

Tattoos Make Your Skin Prone to Infection:

It depends on your selection of tattoo artist and his tool. If your tattoo artist is using sterilized equipment, you can back to home with a safer tattoo.

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