5 Best Spots for a Tattoo in a Woman’s Body

May 19, 2016   638

Tattoos on women look attractive! Here are the beautiful spots on your body you can think to get a tattoo on.
5 Best Spots for a Tattoo in a Woman’s Body

The popularity of tattoos has influenced woman from every walk of life. The biggest reason is that they not only articulate their tastes but also let them unleashes their feminine side with an impact. The woman body is the perfect canvasas it is composed of curves and the areas that can accentuated by the tattoos. Check out here the places for women to get a tattoo to look even gorgeous.

Inner Wrist:

What’s common in Lea Michele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus? All of them have a tattoo on their inner wrist. Besides making you look ultimate stylish, tattooing on this part of the body is less painful. And you can easily hide it where tattoos are not allowed, say your workplace. It is an ideal spot for inking small illustrations, symbols and words. Don’t wear jewelry on your wrist untilit is totally healed.


Ankle tattoos are in constant rage and simply add toyour oomph factor. Many celebrities have shown love for ankle tattoos like Denise Richards, Nicole Richie, Christina Ricci, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, and Alyssa Milano. Like Inner wrist, ankle is one of the less painful spots for tattooing. You can choose from the simple designs like crescent moon to the complex illustrations like ornamentals or motifs. Whether its short dresses or evening gown, you can flaunt ankle tattoo with your most of the outfits. The popular ankle tattoo designs include flora and fauna, butterfly, anklet, fairy, initials, heart, stars and tribal.

Collar Bone:

Turn the head away with one on your collar bone! Collar bone is one of the best parts for flaunting the tattoo. At the same time, you can hide it while in public or at the work. Some of the popular tattoo styles for collarbone are scripting tattoos, font tattoos, tiny symbol tattoos, heart tattoos and banner tattoos. The collarbone tattoos are also used to make a statement or show someone’s thoughts. You can easily flaunt your collar bone tattoos with your deep cut dresses or low collar dresses.

Behind the Ear:

Unique tattoo placements and designs allure those who believe in experiments. If you belong to that league, you will love to ink a tattoo behind your ear which is simply charming and unique at the same time. The tattoo remains visible is spite of being behind the ear until your hair go down. The good thing is that tattoo on this area is less painful as it has very few nerve ending. If you’re thinking to get the ink on your other parts of the ear, you must consider:

  • Keep it minimal on the ear lobe
  • Choose detailed design for the entire ear
  • A long and elaborate design from ear’s tip to the neck

Stars, tribal designs, music notes, and floral are the popular tattoo ideas you can choose from. Make sure to keep your tattoo small and clean.

Finger Tattoos:

Get creative with your finger too! Having tattoos on your finger tops is one of the progressive tattoos ideas. They can be elegant, impressive, loud, and they can be all at the same time. The coolest finger tattoos designs are phrases, tribal tats, crescent moon, and lines.

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