4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Lips tattooed

August 11, 2017   635

Planning to get your lips tattooed very soon? Well, it is a new and beneficial trend for those who lack time or are dealing with some disability to apply a lip colour. But there is a lot you need to know about this process before hand.4 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Lips tattooed

Do you want your lips to be perfect always?

But you fail to keep that lipstick handy with you? Or you are suffering from a disability which stops you from applying your lip color?

Whether you are a working mom who doesn’t have sufficient time to get ready every morning or it is due to age or conditions, such as arthritis that you aren’t able to get that gorgeous appearance for your lips, permanent lip tattoos are a solution to your problem.

Nowadays, many people are opting for permanent makeup. While it helps saving their time, it prevents from the morning hassle for painting their faces, putting that lipstick in place. Tattoo turns out to be the latest and it is a great savior for those who wish to avoid repeated putting of lipstick during the day.

But here it is essential to understand the process. Getting a permanent lipstick tattoo simply means that you will have the same color forever. You will not have options to change it frequently. And then there are some facts you should consider beforehand.

It won’t be long-lasting

If the aestheticians are believed they recommend getting your lips tattooed with one or two shades darker. Reason being, it is not forever. Yes, to keep it going longer for years to come, you need some more frequent touch-ups. So, if you can afford to visit the salon for touch-ups at least once in a year, you can pick any color.

It is painful

If you have been thinking it will not be painful, you are again taking it wrong. This kind of tattoo is painful. Reason being, the skin of lips is highly sensitive and the process includes use of a needle like objects for ink insertion. But that is not a big problem. You can trust on some anesthetic solution like a numbing cream to block the pain. Dr. Numb can be used as it is a safe solution and is easily available over the counter.

Lip tattoos improve the appearance, but don’t create actual fullness

Yes, you read it right. It is similar to an outline which is created to define lips. It will not create volume or puffiness. Surely, your lips will have an enhanced look with fullness. But in case you are expecting it to add complete volume to your lips, you are wrong.

It is not completely a tattoo process

As far as the outline is concerned, it is created to enhance the border of the lip. Plus, the color is also shaded down into the middle of the lip. It is done to offer a blended look to your lip. However, it is worth noticing that there is no color embedded in the interior part.

So, now when you know these points, and you think you still want to go for a permanent lipstick tattoo, you can. Be careful and go beautiful!


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