4 Lesser Known Benefits of Botox

June 04, 2017   629

More and more people are reaping the benefits of Botox for facial rejuvenation. But do you know it is much more useful. Yes, besides offering a younger looking skin, it can treat your skin for various reasons. Find out details here.4 Lesser Known Benefits of Botox

In the past few decades Botox has emerged out to be one of the leading non-invasive cosmetic options. People all across the world prefer it for smoothing wrinkles and reducing other signs of aging. And the best thing is that it really works. This is why people are happy to spend a good amount to erase deep creases and wrinkles.

But that’s not all you need to know about the treatment; there is much more. Actually, there are many uses you might not be aware of, but yes, they exist. Explore them here:

Control Your Bladder

If you are experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of bladder incontinence, Botox will be a right solution to keep away from wasting half your day on the toilet. Reason being, it can be used to treat an overactive bladder. It helps the bladder to increase in volume, which in turn, reduces bladder incontinence.

Good-bye Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat too much? Even when you don’t need to sweat, i.e. when you are not too active, you feel like a pig? Not to worry! Botox is there to help you with that issue. It cures hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating significantly, and decrease the amount of sweat you produce.  Once you get treated for this problem, it will help you for up to two years.
Ease Your Migraine

Suffering from severe headaches? Then Botox is actually something good for you. It can help calm down your migraines and in fact, it prevent headaches in patients suffering from chronic migraines. Reports state that in the United Kingdom, it is approved to be used as a medical way to combat migraines. Hence, if you have been looking for a way out to get rid of the severity of your migraines, it is worth considering.  In the process, injection of Botox will be given to seven different areas of your head, neck, and face.

Rectify Eye Problems

Another major benefit of Botox is a great way to treat some of the most common eye problems. No, it doesn’t mean that it will give you 20/20 vision. But yes, Botox can greatly help in curing

  • Diplopa, the condition of having blurry vision
  • Strabismus, which is a condition of having crossed-eyes
  • Blepharospasm, which are eyelid spasms

Basically, using Botox for these eye problems will help the eye muscles to relax and prevent the conflict of the eye muscles. Hence, correcting a few common vision problems.

Lastly, many of you might be concerned about the possible pain during the treatment, right? Yes, Botox is painful. But that doesn’t mean you need to keep away from these benefits. You can count on any topical anesthetic like Dr. Numb which makes process pain-free. This cream comes with 5% lidocaine and is water based solution. It works by blocking the pain signals at the nerve endings. So, no more pain!


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