4 Easy Ideas to Reduce Your Pain during Laser Tattoo Removal

October 20, 2016   777

Going for a laser tattoo removal? If pain is your concern, you can use these easy ideas to reduce your pain during laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal

You want to erase your tattoo because of workplace rules, breakups, bad tattoo, and if they don’t want it anymore. Whatever your reason for tattoo removal, you know that removing a tattoo with laser technique is quite easy and convenient.

In laser tattoo removal, an ultra-short pulse lasers or Q switch lasers is thrown at the skin, which is very hot and being operated in narrow frequency; and it is very fast. The speed and heat of the beam breaks down the ink particles.

And it is equally true that you are worry over the pain involving in a laser tattoo removal procedure due to the intense heat creating shockwave on your skin. This shockwave vibrates the skin layers and make the upper layer appears white or frost.

So, here are some tips to reduce the pain involving in laser tattoo removal process:

Ice Packs:

Ice packs are easy and traditional option to make skin numb. Just place the ice pack for 5-10 minutes on your skin to make it enough numb. But you must use it when there is no other more efficient option available like numbing cream. This is because it is not as effective as other numbing methods.

Topical Numbing Cream:

Numbing cream is effective solution for body arts like tattoo and piercing. It is composed of the strong numbing cream components like benzocaine, lidocaine and prilocaine. Numbing creams can be used without a prescription and easily available at any drug store. Numbing cream dulls the nerve endings sending pain signals to the brain. You can use Dr. Numb numbing cream an hour before your laser tattoo removal process.

Lidocaine Injections:

Lidocaine is the numbing agent that is the key ingredient of the numbing creams. It is also used in vaccination form to ease the pain during the tattoo making process. Apart from tattoo making, they are widely used by medical professionals for plastic surgery practices. Since they are reserved for a use by only medical professionals, they are not as popular as numbing cream.

Cold Air Machines:

Cold air machines can be seen at large and state of the art tattoo removal clinics. They keep the skin numb throughout the process by blowing out the cold air on the skin to prevent pain and risk of thermal injuries.

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