4 Common Problems After Getting Navel Piercing

November 21, 2016   528

Navel piercings, fondly known as belly button piercing, are one of the popular body piercings among young girls and teenagers. They look cool and add to your style. Good thing is that they heal quickly and are not that painful!

Navel Piercing

But that doesn’t mean they are free from concerns. There are many people out there who have experienced infections, and others may experience jewelry displacement, or even rejection.

Here we have rounded up the issues relating with navel piercing and majority of them occur when you don’t follow aftercare instructions.


Piercing jewelry migration is one of the common issues in navel piercing. Migration is the process when the jewelry moves from its initial or original location. If the jewelry doesn’t move, the process of the process of rejection will cause it to drift far enough, making the skin pulled by the jewelry. This is painful and often goes unnoticed.

Swelling and Redness:

You may experience swelling or redness onto your pierced area after belly button piercing. It is common due to the body’s healing reaction. You will be recovered from swelling within a shorter time frame.


If the migration process continues, your body may push out the jewelry. This is because jewelry being the foreign object is not accepted by the body when it is inserted.

Allergic Reactions:

The aforesaid signs can be due to the bacterial infection. Here are the signs telling that your piercing is going through allergic reactions:

  • Itchy and expanding rashes around piercing area
  • A pierced hole enlarges over a time
  • ON and OFF Tenderness

So these are the common problems you can have after navel piercing. However, you can resolve or prevent most of them by following your aftercare regimen. Please see a doctor if the symptoms turn worse or severe.

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