4 Common Problems after Getting Navel Piercing

May 10, 2017   1211

From migration, swelling and infections, here are some of the common problems your fresh navel piercing or belly button piercing is prone to.4 Common Problems after Getting Navel Piercing

Navel piercing or belly button piercing is the most popular piercing style after ear and nose piercings. It is popular among young girls and teenagers. Belly button piercing adds oomph factor to your style. And belly button piercing heals quickly and doesn’t cause pain.

However, it can’t be denied it causes various concerns, especially due to poor aftercare. You can have infections, jewelry displacement and rejection.

Here we have listed the complications and problems you can have after getting navel piercing.


Jewelry migration is the most common problem occurring in belly button piercing. It happens when the jewelry moves few millimeters away from its initial or original location. Here are some of the signs of migration:

  • Jewelry hangs loosely than before
  • Jewelry moves to the skin surface and the bar bell is visible than it used to be
  • Bigger circumference of the piercing hole
  • Piercing area becomes red, swollen and tender

So, ask you piercing artist beforehand about such issues along with their solutions.

Swelling and Redness:

You will see your piercing area having redness or swelling after the process. However, it is common and should go away in shorter time frame.


Rejection is the process when the jewelry is expelled out of the body. This is because jewelry being the foreign object is not accepted by the body when it is inserted.

When the piercing become red and you can see the jewelry through the skin, it means that your piercing is being rejected by your body.

Allergic Reactions:

Bacterial infection is one of the common risks you can have with belly button piercing. Here are the symptoms that your belly button piercing has fallen prey to the allergic reaction:

  • Itchy and expanding rashes around piercing area
  • A pierced hole getting larger over a time
  • ON and OFF Tenderness

So, these are the common troubles you have after getting belly button piercing. The best way to avoid these things is to follow your aftercare regimen and see your physician immediately if you experience unusual in your belly button piercing.







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